Guns similar to Taurus G2C but ambidextrous?

I have a taurus m85 snub nose revolver and i really like it but not for concealed carry. id like a gun that holds more than 5 rounds and doesnt have to be put on safety with a damn key! with a bit of a tight budget, so far the taurus G2C seems like a good gun for this but one problem, im left handed and the safety isn't ambidextrous, which isnt major but i dont want to buy a gun knowing its not suited for me. does anyone know of a gun similar to the g2c and in the same price range which is roughly $220ish but with an abidextrous safety? or possibly something even better in your opinion, keeping in mind i really like the size and style of the G2C



Update 2:


1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    All guns are amphibious .

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