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My new baby western hognose?

I got a baby western hognose yesterday and when I first got her she explored her new enclosure for about a half hour but after that she burrowed in the front under the doors and hasn't moved since. I'm worried that she isn't getting the heat she need since her heat mat Is more towards the back of the cage and I have it set to the correct temperature with enough hides in her enclosure. My breeder told me she will shed within in the next couple days, is this why she's not moving? I moved her heat mat more towards her because my room gets very cold and I'm just worried about her. Should I be worried? 

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    It is important to keep the heat source on one side of the enclosure in order to create a heat gradient. That way the reptile can move itself around to maintain its body temperature. Your hog is just trying to find her comfort zone. Leave her be. If she's about to shed, she will need abrasive surfaces to rub against. Provide a couple for her.

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    No need to worry. Snakes only need warmth after they have eaten because they won't be able to digest food if the temperature is too low. If it is about to shed its skin, it would not eat and it hasn't eaten for a while. It will eat only after it has shed its skin. If you do not want your snake to burrow, then do not put any soil inside. Use wood chips or wood shavings but make sure it is not cedar, since it is deadly to reptiles. . Hognoses like to hide underground. That is what their nose is for. They use it to dig holes into loose soil.

    When a snake is about to shed its skin, the scales will look cloudy, and that includes the scale that covers the eye. It won't be able to see well while it is about to shed. That is why it needs a place to hide. In fact, if it is recently hatched from an egg, it will not eat until it has shed its skin first.

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      Snakes need heat weather they have ate or not. Not only after they eat.

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    Don’t keep moving the heat pad. They can find the temp they want to be at on their own. They don’t sit on the heat all the time. How big is the hognose what’s it eating. How often has it ate What temp is it at. Saying it’s at the right temp means nothing if the temp you believe is right isn’t

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    i would ask your breeder all these questions

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    I would ask the breeder. I would only be guessing.

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