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Litterbox in your home for a rabbit...?

Hi...Well I’ve recently got a rabbit and she’s more then I could ever asked for but is a handful!!Ive had 2 kittens and a couple of Hamsters in my time and she’s definitely more work then them combined!!Well my rabbit is in a hutch in my garden which is convenient but I’m aware some people don’t agree with them so I’ve decided to begin potty training and maybe get her house roamed by Christmas as the Winter is approaching.But I’m completely clueless on where to put the littler box as it’s an eye-sore!I don’t want to put it in the bedrooms or downstairs in or eating/family environment!!Has anyone got any ideas or disguises!!I don’t want to seem in anyway snobby but I just don’t want a litter box filled with urine and plopping in my Cody,homely environment!!She might just have to stay in the hutch but I feel so sorry for here!!Id be grateful for any suggestions!!! Thank you~Lara C ;)

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  • Anonymous
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    Rabbits often like having litter boxes under things or in corners. Maybe getting a covered littler box will help hide the poops and urine. Your rabbit should not be kept outside due to the fact that rabbits aren't always able regulate their own body temperature efficiently so the cold weather could be the death of your bun. If you still have cats, they can be trained to get along with your rabbit.

  • Ocimom
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    1 month ago

    If you have cats, I would suggest you NOT bring the rabbit in the house too. Especially letting it run around. We kept our rabbits outside in a hutch (weatherproofed) and they were fine - living for YEARS that way. We did have a portable pen we could put him in to eat grass in the yard.

    Only time the rabbit came in the house was for short periods of time in the summer when it was too hot and let her run around in the basement for a few hours till it was cooler.

    I would forget the litter pan training. But that's my opinion.

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    In order to potty train, she needs a cage. She can't be expected to potty train if she's given free roam right away.

    To potty train, she needs to be indoors. They train to "a location" moreso than to "a box." In other words, if the box is moved, she may need to train again.

    So to get started, she should be indoors and in a roomy cage that has a litterbox set up inside the cage. Once she uses the litterbox in the cage consistently, then she can be let out in a limited area. She needs access back to her litterbox (the one inside the cage) when she is allowed to roam.

    I explain the process in greater detail on this page of my website:

    The setup of the litterbox is really important if you don't want odor. There are also many unsafe litters that must be avoided. The link will explain which are safe.

    (All of my rabbits were litter trained. They train easily once fixed.)

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  • 1 month ago

    It should be her cage. Even if you intent to free range her she will still need a cage or pen you can lock her in if needed that has her food, a hidey, litter pan etc.

    Eyesores are something you agree to when you get pets. Most pets are require things that are ugly be it a litter pan, toys everywhere, scratching posts, lights/heaters that require cords etc and you just need to deal with it.

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  • Bort
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    1 month ago

    Look on line for suggestions.

    Here's some:

  • 1 month ago

    maybe you can put it outside

  • Mark
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    1 month ago

    Well, I put it in the laundry room, where there is a sliding glass door... Oh, and put it on a bath mat.

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