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Why are Pakistan and India fighting over Kashmir?


It’s not about who won it why are those two countries fighting over it in the first place and why not allow Kashmiri PEOPLE to choose whether they want to be independent or to be part of either India or Pakistan ????

Update 2:

A lot of stupid people on this site. Why do Pakis have to be Hindus? There religion is stupid. They believe in multiple gods and kill women whose husband died. They also like to drink cow pi$$. You people are retarded. People have converted to different religions around the world. If Kashmiris converted to Islam 400+ years ago then that’s their choice. They are still Kashmiris and should get independence. Indian government can’t provide flushed toilets to their people and they want more land...

Update 3:

Hinduism is an oppressive religion. If you belong to a certain caste you can’t get good jobs because you belong to that caste. 

Update 4:

@Wild One you Indians are disgusting. Kashmiris don’t have proper weapons or a filthy Indians go and rape their women and kill innocent people And torture children. Your no better than isis. Just because your women are ugly and Black doesn’t mean you go and rape pretty Kashmiri Muslim women.

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    British-India was a country/colony belonging to England for many years. The British noticed the disruption between all the religions in India, so they cut up India into separate modern countries, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, to separate Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, etc. It essentially put both Pakistan and India in a permanent state of war with each other because people were forced to move across the country, refugees are trapped on each side if they are of the "wrong" religion, and two religions that dislike each other have entire nuclear armies to blow each other up now.

    Kashmir has historical significance in Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism... so because the countries have a religious base, India, Pakistan, and even China kind of want it in their country.

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    the muslems refuse to obey any boundaries, and want power over all other peoples. they are very sneaky, then --"deny everything and blame someone else"---always playing themselves as the victims.

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    Pakistani are slave race to anyone willing to pay $$$.

    Source(s): Not Indian. I hate paks indi equally because of their smell hair and overall ugliness. paks are not arab! they are Indian.
    • They are mutts bro, arab afghan iranian mutts who inherited some Indian genes

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    Everybody is wrong. Kashmiris have been Muslims for a very long long time. Kashmir was ruled by a Hindu king who oppressed the people and kept his people very very poor. He bought the land off from the British. When the Brit’s divided India and Pakistan they didn’t know what to do about Kashmir. They allowed India to decide its fate when Kashmir should have been given independence. 

    • @poster, how stupid of a can you be? muslims & their belief is from the mideast NOT Himalayan range. The natives of he Himalayas especially in Indian territories have always worshiped BholeNath and were Vedic and Buddhist ppls. "Hindu " Faith itself is millions of years older than islam jew

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    Pak wants Kashmir on grounds of Islamic religion.

    Muslim agenda is to rule one day not just India but the whole under Islamic Laws.

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    india said to the muslims, okay take this part of india and go and call it your own country, the muslims be like, no we want more, we want that beautiful place called kashmir too, india said no, we've given you enough, pakistan said NOOOOOOOO we want it infidel you give it to us now or WAAARRRR!!!!!

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    India has already claimed Kashmir. They won it in absolute glory and victory

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