Has any comic character ever rejected their superpowers? ?

If so they had been a total moron (because having superpowers is an absolute treasure). If not, please prove me wrong especially try to prove me wrong because I used the keyword 'absolute' 

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  • 10 months ago
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    Depending on what kind of powers the person has, they may hate and want to try to reject their powers.

    Rogue from the X-Men had wanted her powers gone, or at least in control, as she can not touch anyone without hurting them.

    The Thing from The Fantastic Four wants to look human, and his friend Mr. Fantastic has been trying to find a permanent cure for Thing's condition.

    After Infinite Crisis, Superman had no powers for a year, and he lived a rather happy human life with Lois. When his powers returned, he very reluctantly decided to be Superman again for the world's sake.

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    10 months ago

    there is an x-man character who's only mutation is that he has 6 feet of extra skin that hangs from each of his fingers. Terrible power.

    there is another mutant who blew of his own jaw when his powers manifested. He was probably unhappy.

    rogue cant touch people without killing them.

    the hulk is an unstoppable rage monster that is a danger to all a lot of the time, which doesnt make bruce banner happy.

    sometimes powers come with bad stipulations....

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