Can you tell me how education disproves God?

I've got a 4 year degree in Information Systems Technologies.

The development of faster computer processors and the knowledge of how to build and maintain servers, doesn't disprove God for me.

Maybe I'm wrong.
Update: Did the Samsung Note 10+ disprove God when it became available?
Update 2: What about the development of the Tempurpedic mattress?
Update 3: Does the discovery of a new planet disprove God? Maybe a new species of spider? What about a new way to use carbon to build stronger materials? Have we disproved God?
Update 4: The water cycle, we don't need God to "make it rain" because we have the water cycle. We gave it a name. It wasn't God, the water cycle did it. Why does water exist, the water cycle did it because science.
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