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Lake Como-Tuscany Honeymoon?

My fiancée and I are planning on doing our honeymoon in Lake Como and Tuscany for 2 weeks. We already have our flights round trip in and out of Milan. Our plan so far is to fly into Milan and either take the train or rent a car to go to Lake Como. We plan on staying in Lake Como for 3 nights in Bellagio or Varenna. While we are there we will relax and use the ferry to see the other beautiful towns. 

From there we will go to Florence which will be our hub for the rest of our trip. We love wine so we definitely plan on visiting several wineries in Tuscany. We also want to make a day trip out of Cinque Tere and do the famous hike. We will then head back to Milan on our last day to go home.

Our goal is not to be moving hotels too much and really dive into our base cities, while still making some day trips to other great areas we haven’t seen before. 

Recap: 3 nights in Lake Como & 12 nights in Florence with day trips to Cinque Terre & Tuscany wineries/cities.

Any suggestions on hotels, wineries, must-see cities for day trips etc. are welcome! 

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    day trips out to wineries, in my opinion, is a waste of time. You can enjoy good wine in any restaurant , anywhere. Why waste a Whole day traveling out to the middle of drink the same wine. ?

    You'd be better off trying to see the actual sites.......which you could spend a lifetime exploring.

    I understand it's impossible to see all of Italy, even with 3 or 4 weeks...........but 12 nights in Florence seems a bit much, wasted on one little city. Day trips from there........would still require some serious travel time......back and forth. ......again , wasted time........when you could do 6 nights in Florence, and then 6 nights in Rome.-.....and get a broader overalll view of Italy.

    I would skip the wineries, and reconsider 12 nights in Florence.

    Florence is nice and loaded with art and all that.........but it's also jam packed with tourists year round, and quite frankly, quite modern these days, with all the McDonalds, and Haagen-Das stores......whereas Rome perhaps retains a little more of that old world charm.......even with the same Moderization and McDonalds everywhere......but still........the massive monuments help it retain that old world feel. kind feel like salmon , trying to swim upstream against the tide of all the tourists.

    Rome is still wide open with huge streets and boulavards.

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