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Got kicked out of the wedding?

I went to this wedding of my friend from graduate school. 

Upon arrival to the reception, I noticed that there was no kid friendly food. I approached the groom, who is my friend, and said "____, you have Indian food and chinese food, harry stacey and cooper dont eat that." He said hes sorry but i was annoyed, because he couldve told the caterer to come speak with me. I told him the truth, that he and his wife were bad at planning this, his wife then walked over to us and said she overheard the convo, asked to speak with me away from my kids (who were standing there) and said "Please leave if you are going to be this negative and have this attitude, you have been harrassing my new husband for 15 minutes. It is our wedding day blah blah" I told her to go **** herself and then my friend the groom came back and was putting on a little show for his new wife and started screaming telling me to leave now and made security escort me out. My kids who were scoping the dessert station were approached by the wife. The wife grabbed the brownie out of my 16 year old sons hand and told them to follow me out, they complied as they were scared. I then took my gift off the gift table, a blender, and stepped on it and told my kids to smash it in the lobby. I left it on the grooms car, i know what car it is, the same one from when we dated a few years ago IN GRADUATE SCHOOL :)

Plwase agree with me they over reacted!

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    6ou both acted a fool but I believe you win the biggest fool award here.

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    I assume you're a troll. Maybe... get a better hobby.

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    Do you really want us to agree with someone who was very out-of-line? Yes, I was talking about you.


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    what 16 year old doesn't like Chinese food??

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    The weirdest part of this piece of fiction is actually the claim that Chinese and Indian food aren't 'kid-friendly'. 

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    Is this the new troll subject? Can't wait till you get to the manatees.

  • You're mostly in the wrong. Here's how:

    1) IT IS THEIR WEDDING DAY. Which means they're paying for your meals and your beverages and cost for the facility rental, etc.

    2) As a guest, you could/should have asked about menu "if" this was a concern.

    3) Chinese and Indian food are kid friendly (never mind the fact that there are literally dozens of regional cuisines of each country). Most of what you're eating today got its origins in either China, India, France or Italy. Expand their palette. If your son is 16 and needs a "kid friendly" meal you're failing him. Eat what's on offer. See more below.

    4) So you smashed a gift you bought for them and left it on the car of the groom. You're out the money and your kids got to see you act like a petulant child. Kids do what they see. Great job of failing as a parent.

    5) They "probably" shouldn't have asked security to escort you out, but frankly most of the blame is yours. Why would you ever do this to someone on their wedding day; says here you wouldn't like it if someone pulled this on your wedding day.

    6) NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU. Someone else's wedding reception falls into this category. Your job? Show up, toast their marriage, wish them well, and be a good guest. Eat what they offer (use the grandma rule- maybe grandma's turkey is dry and her gravy isn't the best, but it's you eat it, thank her for preparing the meal and you make the best of it), thank them, and if the food isn't great then make the best of it. I've been to more than 3 dozen weddings; food for a large group is rarely if ever transcendent. Usually it's mediocre. So be a good guest.

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    Well you shouldn't have asked them to cater to your kids needs on their wedding day. You are not paying for the food they are and if you don't like it you should not trouble the groom that is very rude If I was the wife I would not have let my husband invite an ex to our wedding at all.

  • 1 month ago

    Yeah, this never happened.

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