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Why does everybody in Quebec have brown eyes?

If you look closely at some of the people there, their eyes even look black.

I don't think I've ever seen a French Canadian person with blue eyes.

What, are those people mixed with other races or something?

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    While I have seen blue-eyed Quebecers, if you think about their origins, in Normandy, and Brittany in France, those areas have mostly brown-eyed people.

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    The majority of my French-Canadian family members have blue eyes, and I have blue eyes.  I have a sister with green eyes.  We have a few people with brown eyes, but not many.

    Many people of French-Canadian heritage have some native blood or native history, as well.  My family history and DNA support this (Maliseet and Mi'kmaq heritage.)

    Maybe you need to actually meet some French-Canadian people.

  • Eye color is determined by genetics.

    My husband is from Montreal, he's white and he has hazel eyes.

    My mother's side of the family is French Canadian, my grand mother some of our family has blue eyes.

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