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Is a hamster biting always a sign of aggression or fear?

So I recently got a winter white dwarf hamster, and sometimes while picking her up, she will bite, not hard but I can feel it. She’s been around people and has been handled since birth so she’s fairly tame. I also try to only handle her during her waking hours. I don’t think it’s her being hungry because I spoil her with food (probably a bit too much). Also she has over 450 square inches for her bin cage so it’s not a matter of boredom. I want to know if it’s a curiosity thing or her trying to grind down her teeth or something completely different? Something else to note is that I go from the side as not to scare her and also allow her to crawl on my hand rather than pick her up.

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    Determine if your pet is a lemming because they are wild animals and can bite because of being solitary when the animal grows to be mature. Lemmings have fur and make squeaking sounds and are rounded and have two stripes over the back (not when white).

    Syrian hamsters (hamsters now) only bite just woken up or when they have to go to their place to urinate. When brought there they change their behavior quickly to even the slightest touch from their teeth. Quite funny how subtle. Only one exception to these rules: when they suffer pain they will bite. Investigate the animal throughout.

    Back to lemmings. Lemmings give little to no warning and bite straight trough your vinger, leaving a scar. Better bring it back to the store or go to the police when money is not returned. Also lemmings have a yeasts stomach so should behave intoxicated, throwing themselves backwards when given anything containing sugars to eat. Good luck

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    Could be either. I do know that my male hamster never bit me or anyone else. But my sister's female hamster would bite you all the time. I don't know if its a sex thing or not but I'd never own a female hamster.

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    Hamsters have poor eye sight and will often nibble at things (especially if there is a scent of food in your hands) to see if it is food.

    It could also be that she is not fully take yet, and is a little unsure of you. These could be "warning bites" so that you know she is uncomfortable, that way there's a chance for you to put her down before she bites you.

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    maybe shes checking to see if your food

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    Some hamsters go through a nibble phase, if they bite out of fear, it usually draws blood. Mice and rats sometimes do the same.

    Sort of an individual personality thing, not all nibble, some can hurt a bit.

    Smells can often bring on a nibble, try washing hands with plain soap before handling.

    Smelling like something edible, they may try.

    See your hammy has things to chew on, chew logs and such, they need to chew to keep their teeth healthy, they decide a finger is something they can chew on, they may try.

    Until your hamster gets very familiar with YOU, their behavior can be a bit unpredictable, but holding a couple times a day, they come around fairly quick.

    They have to trust you won't chase and grab them with hands, that is the prey animal in them.

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    i think it depends on the hampster, theyre all different

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