Can you help me figure out what my dreams mean?

In the last two or three months I have had various dreams about my grandfather’s wife. They have been married since before I was born, so it’s not like she’s new to me. I don’t hate her either, I just tolerate that side of the family in general so I don’t understand these dreams. Here are a few I remember:

In this dream my parents had told me to watch over her because they were going on a trip. (Her and my grandpa live alone so this was weird). She stayed in the upstairs of their house, it was only me and her and I refused to go upstairs. They said she was sick but every night I stayed there I heard pacing upstairs. Finally I got tired of hearing this and I yelled “come on (her name), let’s go! I’m leaving!” And I got in my car and waited for her to leave. But I came back inside because she took very long and saw her body on the balcony of the stairs and then it fell. I then heard something run down the stairs and I ran to my car and drove off. 

Another one is where there was something in her bedroom and my family was planning to destroy it. We locked it in her room and my sister went in after it. My sisters voice then echoed back “okay let me out now” and I was yelling no but my mom opened the door. It killed my mom and then I had shot myself so it wouldn’t kill me next. 

I don’t have much space to write another one I experienced but is this my mind just finding a target in my dream to push my problems towards? There’s nothing wrong with my relationship with her.

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  • 1 month ago

    The main thing that caught my attention is your eagerness to "listen to your parents." So it seems as if you have not grown up yet, no matter how old you are. Your dreams run on one after another, but always within the family structure. Try to think of a dream where you are interacting with other people, or friends, or lovers.

  • 1 month ago

    Because you have no problem with her in your waking life, the dream is not about her but what she represents. Think about different ways you’d describe her or how you feel about her. Apply these to someone in your life (or yourself) based on the following interpretation. I will refer to this potential person (which may be you) as The Person:

    Dream 1 - You care for The Person but also have very little patience/sympathy for them. You even abandon helping them when they need you the most.

    Dream 2 - The room represents The Person, and you felt there was a problem with The Person (could be an ongoing personality quirk that annoys you, for example). Instead of dealing with the problem, you let your someone else (your sister, in the dream) deal with it. When she needs help, you refuse. Your mother tries but is harmed, and instead of facing the problem, you kill yourself to avoid it.

    Both dreams say you’re so scared of facing The Person’s problem that you allow others to be hurt.

  • 1 month ago

    I think that first one is part of a movie kinda, I think it was just a collection of memories from movies and weird blips of memories 

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    1 month ago

    no..its clear you dont hate her...but you are afraid of spending some one on one time with her...especially if your grandpa were to pass on and she came to live with either dont have anything in common or just dont connect..but tis not just a random target

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  • 1 month ago

    Your mind reminds u that ur attitude to the wife of ur GP was not proper and u need to amend it in her this old age to help her if she requires

  • Frank
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    1 month ago

    Honey buns...dreams are MEANINGLESS. I hate to burst your bubble. They mean NOTHING. It is your brain on overdrive while you sleep.

    Are you dreams VIVID...and if you didn't know would think they were REAL? LUCKY YOU! Entertainment for the evening! I never dream vividly. Vague nonsense at best.

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