mars inters Scorpio at 19th November 2019 . what effect will this position of mars in Scorpio have on Aries?

since scorpio is a water sign and water does not support fire "aries". but then scorpios ruler planet is mars and pluto , my question is it the right time for taking action and getting things done by aries or better wait for mars to inter sagittarius early january 2020 ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Remember astrology has no science, its more like 'art'. A finger painting mess.

  • 1 month ago

    It does support it. My cousin is Aries.

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    What effect with it have?

    A planet moving through a Sign does not necessarily have ANY impact on any particular individual, and those who say it does are just scamming you.

    You have to look at the individual natal chart for the individual you are wondering about (based on the MOMENT and place they were born). Looking at all of the 40-50 factors and not just their "zodiac sign" (which is actually their SUN sign and nothing more). there is no other kind of astrology that works out with any degree of reliability.

    Does this Sun-in-Aries have any planet IN the Sign of Scorpio? If they do, then when Mars moves over that natal planet in Scorpio (plus/minus 4 degree orb), it will activate that part of their personality .. more energy, vigor, courage, assertiveness.

    Do they have a planet in Taurus? (33% chance their Mercury is in Taurus, and 25% chance their Venus is in Taurus ... and any of the OTHER planets COULD be in Taurus).

    Transiting Mars opposite natal Mercury (+/- 4 degree orb from an exact opposition) makes the person temporarily verbally aggressive - perhaps argumentative - for a few days.

    Transiting Mars opposite natal Venus might argue with their partner during this short transit.

    If they have planets in Leo or Aquarius, when Transiting Mars through Scorpio moves through a square distance from any of those planets, it will activate them too.

    Sextile and trine aspects from fast-moving transiting planets such as Mars, are not worth taking the time to write out.

    BUT whatever natal House has Scorpio in it, Transiting Mars moving through that will activate that area of your life. But this is not a very noticeable transit and and will have little impact for you.

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