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Do the following highflyers have good, great, bad, or average psychology in their matches?

I heard that a lot of aerial guys today don't have psychology and story-telling. what about the ones listed here? Feel free to skip the ones you are unsure of. Thanks.


Rey Fenix

Will Ospreay


Seth Rollins


Sin Cara

Gran Metalik

Joaquin Wilde

Mustafa Ali

Dragon Lee

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    Ricochet: Great. If you want to see storytelling look no further than his work in LU under the Prince Puma mask. He was having main event level matches. He also did very well in his last days in PWG as a headliner. The current WWE version doesn't get a lot of time or singles action to show off what he can do, and in all fairness rarely got the shine to do so in NXT either, but he can have a barn burner of a match with great storytelling.

    Rey Fenix: Good: Fenix as a tag worker can get lost in the flashiness, but as far as singles luchadores go in Mexico, you wont find many technicos better than Rey Fenix. He knows when to be a show boat, when to sell, and when to take a beating and come back from it.

    Will Ospreay: Good with the potential to be great. Since stepping out of the junior scene Ospreay's been putting moves together more cohesively and taking a lot less unnecessary risk that simply doesn't always flow with the match. It could be argued that those junior heavy matches have their own brand of psychology, but if you're looking for familiar classic grappling ideals, then heavyweight Ospreay is getting there quick.

    Kalisto: Average- He can pull out a good match that can be the high point in a TV episode of WWE, and has in the past. I don't know if there's enough to translate to a main event level of performer there or not, mainly because he's never really been given the chance to do so, but as a TV wrestler he's got a fairly streamlined in-ring psychology.

    Seth Rollins: Good. I'm not a Seth fan, but even I can say he's good. I know it's a hard pill to swallow after Hell in a Cell, but you have to take into account road agents and booking getting in the way of a good in-ring story sometimes. On the indies where he was fairly uninhibited he did good work, and he's had his fair share of good to great matches in WWE.

    PAC: Great, and I never thought I'd say that about PAC. He's matured as an in-ring wrestler greatly over the past few years, and credit where credit's due, a lot of that started in the WWE. He's not a two dimensional flips for the sake of flips guy anymore. He goes in for the top rope death blow to show off, but outside of that and maybe a superplex, you'll rarely see the guy dramatically leave his feet all too often in a match anymore.

    Sin Cara: average-to-bad. Not many great Sin Cara matches come immediately to mind regardless to which man under the mask we're talking about.

    Gran Metalik: Good- Like Rey Fenix, he was quite the prolific headliner in Mexico and probably would've had more of a long standing legacy as a great if he hadn't traded in his mask for a shot at the big times.

    Joaquin Wilde: Average. He's an innovative guy but I haven't seen a great storytelling match come out of the former DJZ. Again, it could be argued that there's a psychology to a multi-man cruiserweight spot schmoz, but even in that capacity he only stood out for his big moves.

    Mustafa Ali: Good. I wish WWE would've done more than tease that Ali push at Hell in a Cell that was set back by injury and being overshadowed by Kofi, but alas Orton put away Ali in a pretty good match. He's had a few outstanding 205 matches that I've caught against Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander. He clearly 'gets' wrestling, I'd just like to see a longer and more high profile Ali match that doesn't involve another cruiserweight.

    Dragon Lee: Good to great. I started the year off cold on Dragon Lee, but he proved himself as a commodity in New Japan He's given the Junior Heavyweight Division some of it's best matches to date. From what I've seen he's capable of telling a story in different dialects and styles of professional wrestling including lucha, puro, and straight up american cruiserweight.

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