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Flash drive write protection won't come off?

I was transferring files on my HP X778w flash drive then an error occurred then suddenly, the flash drive became write-protected. I've tried disabling the write-protection by using the CMD and RegEdit techniques but these didn't work for me. I've also tried using programs such us EaseUS and EaseUS Master but still, nothing happened. Can anyone please help me?

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    a flash drive has an internal configuration table. when that gets corrupted then the drive shows as write protected and will remain faulty. That is NOT an OS thing its a flash drive thing. In some cases it can never be brought back to life. if you can see the data, I would suggest you copy it all off first as resetting the configuration usually requires a full format. Go to the drive makers site and Low Level format the stick and you may get it back. as an example see the link below but you should use the makers site for your stick.

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    This is often a sign of a failing flash drive.

    Immediately transfer the files to another drive and discard the old one.

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    there is likely a physical switch or there is a connection issue on the drive's board itself. Perhaps the solder broke inside? Look for a switch or open it up and look for any broken solder connections.You can also try formatting the drive. Best of luck

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      clearly somebody didnt read the full question that stated he already tried that....... TSM_908

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      Did you do that just to earn yourself points? R3tard.

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