How can I attract an opossum without attracting raccoons. I set up a Possum palace and don't want any raccoons.?

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  • 1 month ago

    Might be a tough challenge, I started by eliminating food sources for raccoons.

    A mama possum with 5 babies made home under a shed and I would go out early mornings, sit near the shed. the curious babies would come out and I would give them treats like banana, cucumber slices, bites of cantaloupe, they even come to me taking from hand, mama standoffish, she got her share. "Come an get it guys" they come running.That kept them around a good while.

    (Good while,,try 3 years.)

    Even gave them an old flannel shirt to keep warm. Pampered, but not so much they couldn't fend and forage for themselves and always free to come and go as they chose. More like they adopted me rather I of them, but such sweet animals.

    My younger sis made the mistake of treating a raccoon, a week later, a few friends show up, then everywhere and hard to get rid of. didn't seem possum was problematic like that.

  • BBean
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Hmmm....both will eat near anything so specializing the food is out...both are excellent climbers...that`s out....both spook pretty easy except the raccoon just scats at a sharp loud noise and the possum will faint...that`s it! Go pick up the possum when he`s out. Put him in a cage and then transfer him to the possum palace. Pick the possum up by his tail and don`t worry about hurting him because they often hang by the tail when they sleep. When the possum comes to he has forgiven everything and calmly picks up where he left off before being rudely interrupted and begins to inspect his new surroundings.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Hang up a picture of Pearl L. and it will attract possums and repel coons.

    Possums love Pearl because she looks just like a possum.

    You could hang up a picture of Adam D. but it would attract flies.

    My Grandfather would catch a possum and pen it up and feed it nothing but shelled corn

    for two weeks and then cook it. The corn would "clean it out" as pappy would say.

    I still couldn't eat it but I did taste it. I can't describe the taste.

    • Adam D
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      1 month agoReport

      Apparently I've p1ssed someone off. Good.

  • C T M
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    1 month ago

    Hang up a sign that says NO RACCOONS.

    Source(s): If idiots think hanging up a sign that says NO GUNS will keep us safe, then hanging a NO RACCOONS sign up will keep the raccoons out.
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