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How to tell my roommate Im getting a service animal?

My roommate is kinda a b*tch. She is passive aggressive and never here and when she is here I have to live by her rules and she always passively accuses me of things. So, despite not really liking her I still feel bad for telling her that I m getting a service animal because I know it will make her move out. IM getting a service animal for my PTSD. I m in a college dorm room by the way. So I dont want to get on her bad side because she will definetly narc me out the first chance she gets.


I realize how dumb this sounds like why should I care if she moves out. I just have this trait that causes me to never want to inconvenience anyone

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    Tell her like this "I am doing whats best for me" and "I hope you understand"

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  • 2 months ago

    The person who decides to get the animal should be moving out.

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