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Electric Vehicles ‘being outstripped by the popularity of SUVs’-How do you make anyone do anything except thru the heavy hand of government?


Electric Vehicles ‘being outstripped by the popularity of SUVs’ – Electric cars ‘represent less than a tenth of 1% of the 1.1 billion cars’

The 7m to 8m Electric Vehicles (EVs) that should be on the road by the end of 2019 represent less than a tenth of 1 per cent of the 1.1bn cars and other light vehicles that use internal combustion engines. Some 85m ICE vehicles were sold worldwide in 2018.

The even more telling fact is that the growth of EVs is being exceeded by the much more rapid growth in the number of SUVs. After growth of over 20 per cent a year earlier in the decade, the global demand for SUVs is now stabilising but at a high level of market share. In the US, SUVs account for 45 per cent of new car sales.

But the trend is not limited to the US. In Europe SUVs take 34 per cent of new sales, in China 42 per cent and in India 23 per cent.


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    Lots of people out there will tell you what "should" be available. Or they say there's no reason this can't be done. It's easy for those people to say that because they're not the ones making cars.

    If you say there's no reason why something can't be done, then you do it. Let the rest of us know how the market responds to your business model that "should" work.

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    Let the market decide - gasoline would cost about $20/gallon if it wasn't for all of the price fixing, then we can see how popular those tanks are....

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    Make them pay the actual price of their vehicles useage. We have extremely socialized gasoline prices here- it should be around $9/gallon if military and environmental and health costs were added in. I know I can't afford a vehicle that would cost almost $1/mile to drive.

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    EV cars and Trucks are expensive

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    If you want electric cars to sell you must make them work. They must get a similar range of travel as a gasoline vehicle gets. They must also have places to recharge which are convenient and affordable and they must be able to recharge in ten minutes, about the time it takes to fuel a traditional vehicle. Next, they must be affordable and sell for a similar price as the competition. Then people will buy them. But not until.

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      I'm commenting here because the question is from a troll that blocks me and almost every answer is from the SAME troll's sock puppet accounts. He accidentally left one unblocked and when I commented he deleted the answer.

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    .....But it's for your own good!!!

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    Some people will cite the growing industry of electric vehicles, but it's still small. A good example is two basketball players. One guy doubles his output while the second player increases his output by 25%.

    You might think the player who doubles his output would be better until you see these stats:

    Player one. 1 point per game to 2 points per game.

    Player two. 28 points per game to 35 points per game.

    Market share matters.

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    Petty people like to boss others around, mostly to satisfy the void in their lives.

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    Big government advocates love to use government to tell others what to do. But they don't want to be told what to do.

    The big government advocates love government--until they don't.

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