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Cabin crew ?

Hi everyone! I’ve always been fascinated in cabin crew announcement, I’d like you to tell me some announcements, especially for Emirates If you know, like the standards announcement before take off (“Welcome on the board”...the safety announcement) and after landing (“thank you for having flown with us...etc) 

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    Many decades ago my girlfriend was a flight attendant for a major airline. She got bored with the ordinary announcements, and so were passengers. She beefed them up a bit:

    "and kiss your butt goodbye" was at the end of the emergency landing instructions. Lots of heads raised up over the newspapers (see, I told you it was a long time ago).

    She was encouraged to do "Edith Ann" from the "Laugh In" show. "And that's the truth" was at the end. Later, she passed through first class seating. Guess who was there. Lily Tomlin herself. Lily told her it was pretty good.

    One announcement while circling over NJ, waiting to land at JFK asked passengers to be patient. A contest was mentioned. Award of a bottle of fine champagne for closest guess to the total number of years experience of all 9 flight attendants on the 747. One passenger asked my girlfriend for some help on that. Just a hint of her amount of "active duty" would give him a leg up. She said it would not help much. He pleaded. She replied "What time is it now?" He was puzzled. She said it was her second day and third flight ever. He was shocked and very quiet after that.

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    If anyone in coach uses the First Class lavatory they will be arrested.

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    Trust me, they will train you on all the announcements during your training period. There is more to the job than delivering drinks and making announcements.

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    I've flew with Emirates, but I don't remember its announcement whatsoever. .. it was a pleasant journey though! 

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