What the air force has in them that everyone wants to be an airman :-)?

I expect that I will answer here a lot from Americans, because yahoo answers is an American website :-)

Although the US Air Force is really impressive :-)

I mean military aviation in a broader context.

I am a Pole when I was a kid, I was brought up on the legends of the heroism of Polish pilots during the Battle of Britain, although objectively speaking, we were terribly ****** up by Great Britain and the United States after World War II, because we were sold to the Soviets, by Churchill and FD Roosevelt, but I didn't want to write about it now.

In Poland, the most prestigious types of armed forces are the Polish Air Force, and our Navy, and our special forces such as GROM, but most Polish kids, especially boys, and people of my generation when I was a child dreamed of being a pilot and flying on our post-Soviet MIGs 29, or on the new F-16 which Poland bought in 2004 from America (Now our government is negotiating participation in the F-35 program and buying these fighters :-)

I have never become a pilot, but people of my generation (I'm born in 1986) dreamed of flying to MiGs because these fighters, because they can reach speeds of over 2 Machs, which neither American, British, French or German aircraft can not :-)

But in general the F-16 is a better fighting machine than the Mig-29

Our Navy also has its own small combat aviation, but we do not have aircraft carriers like the United States or Great Britain.


I noticed a funny fact, in Poland, air force pilots are joking that sailors are fools, although in Poland there has never been a ban on serving gays like in the USA or Great Britain.

But it is noticed that RAF pilots do not like Royal Navy very much, and USAF pilots do not like the US Navy, I wonder what it results from

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    The answer is MUCH simpler than what you think. Not counting the people who want to become pilots, the vast majority of people who want to go into the Air Force want a better quality of service life than the Army (lots of time in the field) or the Navy (confined to a ship at sea). Plus many skills taught in the Air Force are transferable to the civilian world such as aircraft maintenance..

    • So people who want to join the air force in their countries probably attracted by the vision of free engineering science, especially aviation engineering :-)

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    Although Poland was greatly outnumbered in WW2 they have always had a good military and outstanding intelligence services (such as decoding the Germain coding machines).



    Major, Squadron Commander, 42nd Bomb Wing, 2nd Air Force, Strategic Air Command (SAC), US Air Force, 1960-74

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    This one is an easy answer for me..... I grew up watching Top Gun...

    • Mee Too, in 2020 would be Top Gun 2 :D 


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