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Best camera for static timed use? ?

I need a camera that can be positioned in a static location where it will take a picture on the hour, every hour. This is for work purposes. 

A picture will be required on the hour for 24 hours a day, would need the picture to then be automatically uploaded to a share drive/folder. The camera wouldn't be easily accessible so ideally it would need to be permanently connected to a power supply so that is doesn't require much maintenance. 

Any guidance/advice would be appreciated. 

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  • Frank
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    A DSLR would be a good option, but not just any DSLR. You would need a DSLR that supports tethering which allows the photo to be automatically sent to a computer after each shot is taken.

    Another option is to use a security camera set to take a photo at the desired interval.

    I'd call a shop like B&H ( or and get some expert advice on which system would be best for your needs. Both B&H and adorama are real camera stores in New York that have been around for about 50 years serving amateurs and professionals alike.

  • 7 days ago

    Sony VG900 or Sony X70

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