Handmade Turkish rug good deal ?

I bought this 5x7 Turkish rug (in turkey) recently and I’m obviously curious if this is a legit rug. It’s handmade with a tag on the back and I also have a signed letter of authenticity from the dealer. I got it for 1,100 usd. In a world filled with liars and thieves I just want some insight from anyone who knows more about these then I do. It’s a beautiful rug and I personally like it but I’m more curious about the value. Also what part of turkey is stated in the origin I’m not too spun up on the turkish. 

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  • 4 months ago

    The rug is from Azerbaijan. It has the colors that appear to be genuine for Persian rugs, but I cannot see the weave styles.

    The border design is questionable.

    You need an expert to look at it.

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