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Is it normal for a guy to react like this seeing an i injustice? Do you support him or would you judge him badly?

A guy sees a girl falling from her bike hit by a rock thrown from another guy who goes laughing to a group of girls, who apparenly have told him to do that. They laugh while the girl falls to the ground, her hands and knees grazed and all her books in her bag are damaged. Her face is red, is about to cry but she doesn't. She cleans her hands and looks at her injures and her new trousers ruined. The guy who saw the scene comes running to see if the girl is alright, she doesnt even look at him she's about to cry and says she's fine with a straight face, and it's not the first time they do something like this. The guy wants to see her hands but the girl insists that she is fine. She cant even ride the bike with those hands but accompanies the bike with her hand and not the palm. The guy at this point gets extremely mad, goes to the group of girls and screams insults at the girl, threathening the guy, they start fighting with fists. After he is about to hurt the guy really bad the girls come and hit him from behind, he throws them to the ground calling them b***** and says he will beat the s**** out of them if they try to do that again, kept on with some insults and wished they could be hurt really bad by someone. The fight keeps going on with insults and threathens until some adult comes. He wants to beat the main girl of the group but he stops thinking about the possible consequences. He comes back to the girl to see if she's alright but she is absent, too sad to be happy.

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    That's a really nice novel. And yes, it's normal for a guy to react like that. It's called bullying the bullies, and it's actually very satisfying.

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    Nice story. But it needs some explosions, maybe a spaceship or a dragon, and definitely a sex scene or two.

    Don't quit your day job. Entertaining folks with your fiction is clearly NOT your forte.

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    The guy’s courageous, unlike his peers who’d tried taunting the girl. While many in the group may not have approved of the behavior, they like many, chose to be followers, not leaders. Too bad more ppl aren’t like him.

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