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How to quit a job you recently just got hired for?

So I got a job at a fast food restaurant, I did the paper work already and I start on Monday. The thing is that I got an interview for another fast food restaurant that’s right next to my house. The restaurant the hired me is like 30 mins away from me by car. I think I want to quit and work instead at the restaurant that’s close to me instead. How can I quit in a nice way if I already did the paper work? What should I do? I know I should wait until after the interview see if I get hired, but if I do, how can I quit at the fast food restaurant that’s 30 mins from me?

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    Just tell them your quitting and found another job. your in probation the first 3 months i think or 3 weeks? so you can get fired for any reason. just make sure you are ready to cut all ties with said company because they are likely not going to rehire you. i've dealt with very few companies that i left in this way that allowed me to reapply when they were hiring. given i turned them down before i even got hired for another job and this was many years later as i dont stay at jobs for longer then 3-4 years max due to learning in the field.

  • I think you should apply to the other restaurant and see if you get the job before you quit. Specially if you need the job. Usually you quit by giving 1-2 weeks notice and a resignation letter to your boss.

    If you want to quit it's up to you.

    Be honest with the manager. Let them know you've found a job closer to home and you're giving your notice that you want to quit.

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    Just be real and truthful with the managers. If you got a job at a place next door they'll understand you wanting to accept that position instead. You're not under contract or anything these are fast food joints and restaurants. It's not going to hurt your future at all, just don't put the one you are hired at down in your work history if you actually don't work there for at least a few months.

    "Sir/Ma'am, I apologize but I was offered a position at Roma's which is right outside the door of my house. I have accepted their offer."

    Their response will be:

    "Ok. Thanks for letting me know! And good luck!"

    - you're welcome. Thank you for the opportunity!

    " you going to do both? Work here and there as well?"

    - your response to this is your choice. Beings that you're most likely in school you won't have time for 2 jobs and school. 'No, sorry. I've decided to only work there.'.

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    an interview doesn't always guarantee a job offer. and if they do offer you a job for the close location, just tell the other you are leaving because the closer location offered you a job, and you took this one because they didn't schedule your interview yet.

    restaurant service has turnover personnel all the time. so i wouldn't feel bad about that. and i'm sure they'll understand if you want to work someplace that's closer to where you live.

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    but its just an interview, not a job offer, go to the interview without quitting the far away job, most people get fired within the first week anyways.

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    You'll be within your probationary period, you can leave without notice or they can sack you for no reason if they wanted. Just say sorry if accepted another job and be done with it.

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    What was the point of applying?

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