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Is there any way to introduce two rats to three rats fast without having to buy a new cage?

The three rats are 10 weeks old, and females.

The new will be around the same age as well.

My parents are so against the idea of buying another cage, yet are set on getting 2 more rats. So is there any way you can introduce them to each other fast without having to buy another cage?

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    First rule, be sure genders are all female. or have males neutered.

    Second rule, 5 ratties will need one good size cage like 50 cubic foot minimum.

    As large as a double refrigerator.

    A rule of thumb is introductions should take place in a neutral play area other than where they sleep and eat. (bathtub ??)

    They all need their own spaces like a hide, maybe their own feeding station.

    Don't forget LOTS of chew toys and amenities, they like a Disneyland, good climbers. the new kids will need a little time to settle into a new home and feel safe, Patience.

    No matter their colors, they all love trick training, fun for them, fun for you, and ideal forming bonds, no limit what these smart critters can learn, you can search that up online.

  • Nathan
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    1 month ago

    Firstly, please make sure you have a suitable cage such as the double critter nation as they need a minimum of 2 Cupid feet of room per rat. Entomology has some great videos on bonding them, but it is important you introduce them in a neutral area (like a bathtub) and keep them there for a few hours. If you can, half the cage you have and keep them in there but make sure that they are out in the open in case fighting occurs. Keep them like this for 3/4 days before slowly adding more in and expanding the room they have. If fighting occurs to you need to go back to the start of the bonding process

  • 1 month ago

    i would just let them introduce each other, they'll get used to each other after a while

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    they'll probably just get used to each other

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