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My phone hides files from the computer, help?

Look, normally I'm a tech genius. Developer options are enabled, USB debugging is on, things are set to show "hidden files", but if I create a new file, or even just view an old one, the file is empty. According to the desktop, I don't even have a DCIM download, and the download folder is "empty" even though I'm literally saving images such as memes and jokes all the time. I have never been this dumbfounded by tech.


I don't have a DCIM folder, my apologies

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    Maybe pushing too hard. My droid works OK with external storage selected, OR developer mode selected.

    Widows 10 file explorer set to show everything.

    What doesn't show are app files themselves or OS files, I need BDM interface for that.

    Be sure your phone is the view in the explorer.

    Sometimes a facepalm overlooking something simple.

    My droid root has 3 files, only empty folder is 'lost dir' folder

    Videos has all my movies, music, all my mp3s, pictures many Jpegs, etc.

  • 1 month ago

    ahhh i see the issue. u have not joined the cult of apple. the new iphones are out, so perfect time to get a used one on the marketplace if u cant go get a new one.

    • Carl1 month agoReport

      I can't stand Apple. Not having absolute control over something I paid for is disgusting to me. 😂

  • Frank
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    1 month ago

    Shithead....MASTER TECH GENIUS (Wiley E. Coyote)... you are clearly an IDIOT. You haven't told us ANYTHING RELEVANT. First of all...PHONE? iPhone or Android or Windows or a OLDER PHONE? What version of SOFTWARE. What OS are you using on your computer? What SOFTWARE are you using?


    • Carl1 month agoReport

      Paying attention would have answered all those questions by the way. You just wanted to be an ***.

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