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How can you earn money online?

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    You can earn some money online by doing the following:


    Sign up to the following websites using the links provided (which give extra bonuses).

    If you want to withdraw directly to PayPal, Swagbucks and some other sites need you to use your PayPal email when signing up. (You can often still withdraw using prepaid master/visa cards if you use a different email)

    Hideout-tv (Watch videos and cash out to the other sites using Loyalty Rewards)

    Swagbucks (Extra $3 after earning $3 by using this link)


    Prize rebel


    Inboxpounds (highest minimum withdrawal at 20)

    Qmee (Only surveys, but no minimum withdrawal to PayPal. Also, extra 0.50 after first withdrawal by using this link)

    Earning cryptocurrency (NOT A FAUCET):

    Earncrypto (High cash out limit for bitcoin but you can use alternative coin for lower cash out limit) Also you need to earn a minimum amount in total before cashing out.)


    Firstly, you can do surveys to earn on these sites but these can be quite boring and not very effective for the low paying surveys. So, I recommend you earn by watching videos and doing offers from the partners (OfferToro, AdGate Media, AdGem etc).

    I have personally earned £130 NOT including referrals on Swagbucks alone (but this did take about 2 months).

    Also note that getting a real-world job which pays minimum wage will generally pay more per hour than using these sites.

    Watching Videos

    For Swagbucks you can watch videos on the mobile apps, on the website and on all of which auto play the videos. To watch on the website, go to watch then swag tv categories and select a category and playlist. When watching on the mobile apps each app has a different maximum daily SB so if one app stops rewarding you can switch to one of their other apps. To earn from go to Discover then AdscendMedia and click on one of the video links (assuming you have already registered at

    For the other sites either use their inbuilt videos or cash out from hideout tv using the site or adscendmedia on the site.

    Doing Offers

    Firstly, AVOID any offers that say win a free (insert electronic device or gift card). They will blast the email you give them with spam and almost never pay out.

    Secondly, I recommend you create a separate email which you will use for completing offers preferably a Gmail email (which will be useful later).

    The best pay-outs in my opinion come from the mobile tasks (e.g. reach lv x or upgrade your main base to lv x etc.) To complete the android version of these tasks I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you INSTALL BLUESTACKS a FREE android emulator and create a new instance (using the multi instance manager) for each offer (you can use the same google account every time as long as you don’t link the apps to it). These mobile tasks can pay anywhere from $3 to $20 in my experience and can be quite fun.

    -Updated 5-10-2019-

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    You can start affiliate Marketing

  • 1 month ago

    How can YOU earn money offline?

    How can you use the internet to do whatever you answered to my first question?

    If any other answer actually worked for 1% of people asking, so many people would be doing it that there wouldn't be sufficient demand for it to keep working.

  • John
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    Buy/sell on many sites like ebay, amazon, etc, etc.

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  • Judy
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    1 month ago

    Unless you have some special skills that most people don't have, you can't. is legit if you have the skills they require

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Sell something people need.

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    By being a famous Youtuber peobably.

  • Blonde
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    1 month ago

    Selling stuff? *shrugs/walks up basement stairs.

    Mom thinks you need to get a job.

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    You either have a skill you can sell or a product or you work for a company who allows remote working

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