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As a German, will I be at risk if I visit Israel?

I am German. Is it a a dangerous idea to visit Israel? After all, Israel is the country of the Jews...

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  • TNO
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    No, not really.

    Israel hasn't forgotten about the Holocaust, if that's what you are referring to...however, they don't hold the modern day Germans as responsible for that. Even if you are older, there will be no resentment shown towards you. Israel basically got its revenge against the Nazis by living and thriving, and besides the German State since WWII has done a lot to show their regret and make amends to the best of their ability. 

    Israelis nowadays do not have a negative image against Germany, and in fact Berlin supposedly has a rather large ex-pat Israeli population, ironically enough. But within Israel, I would expect no one will look at you negatively for being German. Israelis are cognizant that you're probably not a threat, especially if you're there in their nation. Israelis are actually a friendly people, and curious too, so expect a lot of positive questions about Germany and being German. 

    • That's the same user who asked the initial question. Probably the same user posting the comment as well.

  • Kevin7
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    The answer is no,Israel and Germany are allies. Israel is a peaceful nation to all nations.

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    1 month ago

    Yes, even though the Jews know the Holocaust never happened they will try to use you as an example so that people will somehow feel sorry for them even though they are genocidal maniacs. They might also try to use you as a patsy to boost the morale of their people. And besides, if you visit Israel you are not only supporting the genocide of the Palestinians but you are also supporting the world-wide terrorism that Israel sponsors and you are also supporting the brainwashing and the manipulation that they have inundated the West with for centuries. Why would you even consider supporting their tourism industry, when you know that you will have innocent blood on your hands?

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    You can’t believe the Zionists now in Israel, see what they did to the palestiniens civilians, inhuman, Zionists are liars they are revenging on the poor Palestinians, imagine on Germans!

    I never heard they killed Europeans but Beware Zionists they are war criminals

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      Their criticism just validates your answer.

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  • Everyone is at risk here! Bombs keep falling from the Palestinian space, stupid and incompetent drivers (both Jewish and Palestinian), Russian-Jew pickpockets, purse snatchers and drug addicts always sneak up on tourists on regular basis.

    Well as much as I love this place, we must admit we are an underdeveloped country with an elaborate beautification system abroad, making Israel seem like a Western style country.

    Well, to be honest this is not the case.

    Please don't believe any of the excessive positive answers here. They all come from a single account with lots of fake profiles.

    • It's a wasteland with crooks as there leaders. I just love that kinda thing! It's so jew (ish)!
      Man, oh man!

  • Sharon
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    no. when I was there I knew only how to say hello in Hebrew, but do speak pretty good German, and wound up conversing in it with a couple professional colleagues who knew no English. Germans today are accepted in Israel, if not welcomed with love. Certainly better than being Moslem!

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    Biggest danger from being run over by all the Mercedes.

  • 1 month ago

    Depends, are you a nazi??

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