I don t understand what we're doing in class. ICT What is problem solving?

I just started uni and one of the uni s obligatory courses no matter what you study is ICT, or computer science, or computer skills, or whatever you wanna call it.

Here s the thing, I have no background in computer science, other than the basic functions of computers hardware and my ability to use excel ppt and word, I have nothing.

The lecturer started our first lecture bu saying that we are gonna learn how to write an algorithm and then started with "data types"

which are integers, real numbers, strings and boolean. She then went on to give us rules on how to write an assignment statement .

I understand the data types, I understood the rules of the assignment statement but I don t understand what we re doing. What s an algorithm ?What is an assignment statement ? And what is this problem solving thing ? When do technicians write an algorithm ? Is this an app ?

I'm confused.

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  • 1 month ago

    ICT means Information Communication Technology, which is fully about computer, algorithms is a topic for introduction to problem solving, it tells you the step by step procedure to solve a problem by using a flow chart to analyze the problem, mind you algorithm is just an instruction.

  • 1 month ago

    I taught Computer Science for 22 years. I was extremely confused too when I started.  Now I'm teaching my 9 year-old grandson to code (write programs) in Java.

    1. Think of an algorithm as instructions to do something for example : Your mom says you can use your XBox  if you finished your homework and you washed the dishes. Here is the algorithm: 

    Ask mom if I can use my XBox

    Did I finish my homework AND wash the dishes

    No AND Yes then finish homework

    Yes AND No then wash the dishes 

    Yes AND Yes then Use the XBox

    Data Types:  Computer memory (your brain) has places for different types of information.  For example a 2 or 50 is an integer type of data.  A 2.5 or 50.78 is a double type.  The letter c or C or a $ sign is a character type data. More than one letter such as "Mary had a little lamb" is a String data type.  Boolean is a data type that has only two values, either true or  false.

    Assignment statements:

    int size = 7;

    double weight = 150.9;

    char letter = Z;

    String name = "Little Chief";


    And what is this problem solving thing ? 

    Create an app that will allow the user to login with a password.  The user is then asked if he or she has finished homework.  The user must enter a letter Y or a letter N. The user is then asked if he or she has washed the dishes.  The user must enter a letter Y or a letter N. 

    The user will be given the message "Use the XBox" only if the two data entries are both Y.

    Don't give up.  You'll make a lot of money in the future if you stick to it.  My son is now working in Cyber Security and my granddaughter just graduated from college this year (2019) with a degree in programming.  She struggled because she didn't take my advice to take computer science in high school.   Search YouTube videos.

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    2 months ago

    um, shouldn't you be asking the teacher/professor? what did you pay them for, if not to teach you?

  • EddieJ
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    2 months ago

    There are lots of books in the library. If you don't understand the explanation in one book, then look in another, and another.

    If you still don't get it, then maybe that should clarify that you aren't capable of learning this subject.

    But your should think of an algorithm as being a flowchart of a way to solve a problem. A programming language is just a way of expressing a flowchart using text.

    But when you say that you understand the rules for an assignment statement but you don't know WHAT an assignment statement is, it makes me think that either this is a fake question, or you have already decided that programming isn't for you.

    Note: Many school decide to focus on algorithms and problem solving first because they think programming languages are intimidating. But 45 years ago, I was thrown into a programming course as a requirement for my electrical engineering degree. I wasn't even going for a computer science degree. We were writing code from day 1.

    And I had ZERO experience -- there were no home computers then. I had to use a keypunch machine to create a deck of cards that the computer would read in, and then I'd have to wait for my results to be printed out and I'd find it in a bin on the wall.

    So, if your question is sincere, the thing you have to decide is if you *WANT* to learn this subject. The resources are available to you at the library and online. And, maybe, you can find a classmate who can help you to learn (not to cheat).

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  • Chris
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    2 months ago

    Here's an example of Euklid's algorithm to find the greatest common divisor of two integers: https://jsfiddle.net/khrismuc/w9suLtvo/

    It's written in JavaScript. It solves the problem of finding the GCD of two numbers. It contains an assignment statement, since the algorithm requires calculating the remainder of a division (modulo).

    An app is an application like Word or PowerPoint. An app usually consists of a graphical user interface (GUI), i.e. forms, buttons, windows, etc. and a bunch of algorithms behind the scenes, also potentially file input and output.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    £9,000 per year, uni fees down the drain

  • Pete L
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    2 months ago

    These are questions you should be asking your lecturer and or course tutor. That's what they are paid to do so make sure you ask so they know you are not up to the speed they expect.

    • Layan2 months agoReport

      I did. I don't think they get it either. She said, and I qoute :" We didn't start with writing a PL yet, we're doing what is before that, and that is, writing an algorithm :)"

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