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What are somethings to do in New Orleans on a budget? Best hotels near the quarters?

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  • 6 months ago
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    November is one of the two best months to visit New Orleans in terms of weather, with the other being April. Pack for cool-ish days and cooler evenings.

    I recommend against parking on the street anywhere in downtown New Orleans. The parking laws are byzantine and your car can get ticketed or towed even if where you parked looks OK to you. Park only in a paid lot or garage.

    Try to choose a hotel that offers parking at either no extra charge or at least doesn't charge an exorbitant fee.

    The least expensive parking in the downtown area is at the AmTrak/Greyhound station (1001 Loyola Avenue). It is about $5/day with 24/hour security and you do not have to be an AmTrak or Greyhound customer.

    Te French Quarter is walkable, public transit is good, there are lots of regular taxis, and Lyft & Uber both operate in New Orleans.

    If you decide to use a hotel somewhere in the suburbs then again, only park downtown in a lot of garage. Also please don't drink and drive.

    A weekend is not a lot of time. Don't try to do "everything". Just have a good time and relax while visiting one of the world's special places.

    One of the least expensive things you can do is simply wander around the French Quarter during the daytime. Watch the street entertainers (do tip) and enjoy the architecture & atmosphere. The state's tourism office is on Jackson Square on the St. Ann Street side of the park and they offer free walking tour maps plus information on a wide variety of other things to do:

    If someone says "I bet you $5 I can tell you where you got them shoes." The answer is "I got them on my feet.".

    There is a ferry across the Mississippi River at the "foot" of Canal Street that is cheap and like a short harbor tour without the narrative.

    For tours I recommend Grey Line:


    Regarding food &. drink, there are hundreds of bar, clubs, and restaurants in the CBD and French Quarter. Many of them follow the European practice of posting their menu outside so you can see the prices before you enter.

    Another answer mentions Cafe du Monde, which is in the French Quarter a half block from the tourism office. I suggest gathering information from the tourism office and take it to CDM to examine whie you have cafe au lait (or something else to drink) and beignets.

    The Croissant d'Or offers more food options than CDM and can be less crowded:

    The Napoleon House offers a selection of New Orleans foods:

    Cafe Degas is about a mile from the French Quarter: (reservations are important)

    The Palm Court has medium-ish prices and live jazz:

    It is not cheap, but consider Sunday brunch at the Le Pavillon Hotel:

    Irish coffee at Molly's at the Market, which is a block from the Palm Court:

    About alcohol; Most drinks served in New Orleans are standard, meaning a regular cocktail has 1 1/2 ounces of spirits. However, Hurricanes typically have 3 or 4 ounces of rum in something like red kool aid. and a Hand Grenade has at least 4 ounces of a combination of spirits like grenadine and everclear. If it is hot and you quickly drink three Hurricanes at Pat O'Brian's you may not be able to stand up.

    Music clubs > on Bourbon Street < usually advertise "no cover", but have a per-set (of music) minimum. A "set" can be as little as 20 minutes and they charge you even if you have nothing to drink. KNOW THE RULES AND THE COST. Also pay for each round of drinks as it is delivered so there cant be any confusion at the end of the evening. Note that Bourbon Street, while probably the best known street in New Orleans, is just one street that runs through the French Quarter.

    I hope you have a great time! .

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      Weekend in November

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  • 6 months ago

    One of the best things we've done in New Orleans is a food tour. They take you to different historic restaurants and you get generous samples of their specialty dishes. You learn a little about the history of New Orleans cuisine. New Orleans is fun to just walk around in. You can also do a riverboat ride. Go to the flea market- past the Cafe du Monde, where you must stop and have beignets and coffee.

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  • 6 months ago

    don't go to new orleans u'll get robbed everything is expensive and trannies pretend to be women (if u go anyway the bars on the french quarter only charge 8-15$ a drink)

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  • 6 months ago

    Go swimming for free.

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