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will skipping a grade mean being bullied or neglected?

my sister's kid is in grade 1 and the teacher says she can go to grade 2. at first i was happy. but then i realized maybe when she gets older the other girls will be judgemental and dont want to be friends with someone who is younger than them and possibly smarter than them. is this true? also when the time comes to learn to drive, the kid is born in november. if she was born in january or february some students don't learn til they reach 16 in october nov or dec. so being born in jan or feb means u just got to wait a little bit longer. being born in november means waiting a full year. i hope i dont sound nuts.

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    First of all, this isn't your decision to make; it's your sister's child and her decision. My son was a late birthday and we held him out of a kindergarten for a year (even though he was reading by his third birthday). His school strongly pushed us to move him up a year when he was in second grade, which we reluctantly did. He met his two best friends in the higher grade and did fine academically, but he was bullied by some of the older boys. Socially he was also not at the same maturity level as the older kids (which is why we held him back to begin with). There's no way to know how your niece will cope with being moved up or whether she will be bullied. Smart kids who are not challenged in school get lazy and run into problems later when they actually have to work hard in school. Kids who are bullied can also mentally pull back from school. It's a tough decision either way.

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    My husband skipped a grade in elementary school, and it's made him adamant never to do that to one of our kids. He was academically ahead, but slightly behind in social development. So skipping a grade made it very hard for him to connect with his classmates for the rest of his time at school.

    We actually ended up holding our oldest back a year in kindergarten. He's like my husband: intelligent, but socially just a tad behind. Now he not only excels in class, but is also doing well socially, making friends easily. 

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    Speaking of nuts that might be where he gets hit

  • Hold a child back and make them tamper their own abilities in order to fit in now, don't complain about them doubting themselves and their abilities later.

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  • they mostly can't tell one year different. but it's often better to stay in class with your peers rather than to skip ahead and spend your entire life thinking you're somehow superior to others. more intelligence equates to more potential but certainly not to being "special" except in the retarded sense.

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