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Can you clarify a curiosity about the illegal sale of women as slaves?

I have heard that many girls are kidnapped, often sold with ads on the deep web, and sold as slaves to wealthy Arabs .. but sorry, how the **** do they get from Europe to the Arab countries? in the airport how do they justify them? is the police at the airports, can women have them arrested ...instead of how they get there?

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    Friend say you're going to get $50,000 for selling a young woman to a man that has a bunch of money and want a slave woman. So you find a young lady in a bar. Put the move on her flash a bunch of money at her but don't offer her any like a prostitute! When she goes with you to your fancy motel give her a drink with some knockout in it. Put her in your camper van. Take a drive to your waiting boat go out 7 miles meet the man on his boat. Get your transaction then do some fishing and come back the next morning with a few fish and $40,000 in the bank.

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    Wealthy Arabs may have yachts or private planes.

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    Victims of human trafficking have been apprehended on commercial flights. But Jeffrey Epstein was hardly the only sex trafficker with access to private jets.

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    Most modern slavery (regardless of whether the slavery involves the sex trade, domestic work, or mining labor) does not involve smuggling people. Rather, many people who wind up enslaved travel willingly under the ruse of work, education, good pay, etc. Once in a foreign land, the person's passport is confiscated, and they are forced to work under brutal conditions.

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    That's not really how trafficking works. It's not the case that people are sold in a market and bundled onto a plane, like it was with slavery in the 18th century. Often people in modern slavery don't even really realise it at first. People are lured to a country with the promise of a job, then they have their passports and money confiscated, forcing them to stay. If people are moved while in bondage then they're usually moved by land as there are far fewer checks, much more porous points of entry (i.e anywhere on the border rather than one specific point) and therefore less risk of needing to bribe people to look the other way.

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    I have heard that you are a credulous moron who believes anything you hear and who has no critical thinking abilities.

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