can I use male ends on an extinction cord to power my house from a gentorator ? ?

I have an outside outlet which would be handy to plug into when the power goes off and I have a10000 watt gentorator so if I use a good heavy cord I would think it would power the whole house instead of using 5or6 cords

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    2 months ago
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    Please don't do that. As "derfram" stated, "You'd be powering the whole neighborhood and putting maintenance personnel at danger."

    This is why "switch over" devices are made and needed.

    Two examples:

    1) When you put a small battery back-up unit on a computer, it is plugged into the wall so it is fully charged in case of a power outage. When the commercial power goes out, the battery back-up senses that, shuts off the connection to the wall and the battery provides power to the computer. When commercial power turns back on, the battery back-up senses that, restores commercial power to the computer and recharges the battery.

    2) Solar panels: When you have a grid-tied solar system on your roof, when the commercial power goes out, the house power will be off, too - even though there is good, useful sunlight. This is because power company employees may need to work on the power lines and transformers - and they may not be aware of the grid tied system. If you want power during a commercial power outage, then add battery storage, inverter and automatic switchover. This implementation will isolate the house power so the power company employee is not "surprised" by unexpected voltage on a power line - and basically acts like the computer battery back-up system (on a much larger scale).

    It would be a good idea to consult with a power-backup system expert so you don't end up breaking the law and possibly injuring or killing someone because of this...

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      The advantage to an automatic switch is you can't accidentally forget to shut off the main breaker. If you "forget", when the power goes out, 1) your generator will feed power out to the whole neighborhood and 2) when the power comes back on, your generator will get backfed and probably destroyed.

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    That power outlet only able to handle 1500W maximum because the socket, wires and breaker ( or fuse ) are designed to be used less than 1500W.

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    The outdoor socket has a power rating, probably like 25 amps on a circuit breaker.

    You exceed that, the breaker will trip. Might run a few lights like that, but appliances are sure to trip the breaker.

    You have to disconnect your house from the mains switch also, or you back-feed power to the neighborhood,,not good at all if there is power, sparks will fly.

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    You need to have a licensed electrician install a transfer switch. 

    Manual and automatic versions are available.  

    The safety and certainty that will result  

    will be worth the considerable cost in the long run.  

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    2 months ago

    They call those double male ended cords "Suicide Cords"  because they can be very dangerous.   That said you can generally turn off the main breaker and the individual circuits and hook up one outlet per house breaker and it will work.  However a couple of considerations: 

    1.  There will be nothing preventing you from overloading the circuit and causing a fire. 

    2.  You could forget to cut the house breakers and create a very dangerous situation.

    3. You may have reversed a neutral wire back feeding electric into the panel.

    Otherwise the "safest" way (if you can even use that word with the suicide cords) is to hook up the generator with something like a 240v appliance outlet and cut the main breaker which will safely power most things as long as appliance outlet can handle 50 amps or whatever amperage your 240 hookup on your generator is.  Many people will specifically setup an outside 240v appliance outlet for this specific purpose.

    Again this is not the recommended way so follow the advise at your own risk.

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    You'd be powering the whole neighborhood and putting maintenance personnel at danger. If you want to power the whole house, you really need to have the proper auto switch gear installed.

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