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V6 Dodge Charger upgrades ?

Ok so I have a 2015 V6 charger, wanna do some upgrades on it. I thought about just trading it in for an R/T but looking at my finances right now, it’ll be better to spend a couple thousand on things to do to it rather than try to acquire a new vehicle. The color is granite. Everything right now is stock. 

I’ve gotten ideas such as adding bigger tires and different wheels as well as adding a spoiler. 

My friend told me I should get a Borla S Type exhaust for it since it’s not bad, and it’ll make the car sound decent for a V6.

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks

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    A spoiler and/or front air dam/splitter may improve the looks in your eyes but will usually add loads of drag, slowing the car down.

    Larger diameter wheels will increase the effective final drive gearing and unless the engine has lots of excess torque to counteract that, acceleration will be slower but you *might* have a small gain in overall top speed (probably not if you add the spoiler).

    The exhaust may sound better to you, but if it reduces the carefully designed resonant back-pressure it is most likely to rob the car of power and increase fuel consumption.

    There are no cheap bolt-on performance upgrades. You’ll be far better off super-detailing the car and perhaps upgrading the interior. If you seriously want to add power then your first investment needs to be a fresh maintenance service on the car followed by a session at your local performance shop with the car on their dynamometer. That will give you a true baseline performance measurement to compare any further mods to.

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    2 months ago

    Thoughts - don't waste your money polishing a turd with useless gingerbread and gimmicks.

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    Id rip everything out from under the hood and build a small block Chevy in there ...

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