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Ive came to the conclusion that the greatest basketball player will always be based on looks and not record?

Whos the greatest basketball player of all time? Michael Jordan. Why? Because people think he has the perfect basketball body. Whos always considered second? Kobe Bryant. Why? Because he looks similiar to Michael Jordan. But why not other players? Wilt Chamberlain? Too tall, Larry Byrd? Too chunky. Lebron James? Too muscular. Charles Barlkey? Too fat. Magic Johnson? Too husky. Etcetera, Etcetera. 🏀 Your opinion?

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    Agreed! I definitely think there's some truth to that. Marketability is huge to the NBA, and they want someone who's relatable and can grab the hearts of fans. The GOAT is essentially the "face" of the NBA historically, so they want someone who is handsome, has the perfect basketball body, not too tall, not too short, and has the cool factor that can bring them sales and profit. It's all about money at the end of the day, and those Jordan vs LeBron GOAT debates help fuel sales. Jordan's shoes have the highest sales for a reason, because he's a symbol of ambition, competitiveness, and victory. Kids, teens, even many NBA players want to be just like Jordan. It's a strategic business tactic for gaining huge profits, and it's working very well. 

    Although I will say, most people I've seen consider LeBron and/or Kareem to be the 2nd greatest ever. And speaking of LeBron, he's considered by many to be a potential GOAT because of his storyline. Coming from humble roots in Akron, then working his way up to the top, makes it an underdog tale that relates to many people. Him going from good guy to bad guy by joining the Miami Heat, then rejoining the Cavs and beating the 73-win Warriors makes his career very much like a fairy tale, which appeals to the NBA and the fans. That whole "knight who slayed the dragon" story is appealing to people, and gives LeBron an edge over others for the GOAT title. And if you know the NBA, you know they absolutely love storylines lol 

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      Seen Jordan brand’s new add for the Jordan 34 it says “we’re a family not by birth but by ball” or “we never fly alone” it’s just “you can join a family for $160

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    I think that there is little to no actuality to that. No racism here, but lets face it, the best basketball player will always be black and he will always be in great shape because thats what the best athletes are.. in great shape. Many people of the same races look similar. Athlete or not.

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    Yes i agree with you. Lets say a basketball player won 10 championships, but he was fat and ugly, in the end Michael Jordan would still be considered the greatest player of all time because of his looks and because he is more profitable, he is the poster child for basketball. Even educated tv sports anouncers come to these conclusions the end

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      Bill Russel 11 rings but skinny

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    I have no opinion. the term GREATEST is not a lasting think., All the men you mentioned have been considered it during their time on the court.

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    I don't agree with you.

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