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Why does the left have such a problem with the notion that IQ differs between races?

Our evolutionary trajectories were different. Dogs are dogs, but intelligence differs between breeds... this we know.

What's the problem?


We know where the evidence lies - US Army recruitment for one. But anything provided will just be dismissed as "right-wing" and "racist".

I guess all dog breeds have the same IQ after all? Um, no.

Update 2:

@In - Uh yeaaaaah, inbreeding will reduce IQ. We see it in humans as well. Not advisable.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Dogs were "selectively" bred over tens of thousands of generations (even more in "dog" years). In other words, it was planned. Some were bred for intelligence, others for speed, others for sense of smell. The Germans tried it, but they failed. And it would take hundreds or thousands of years for them to have succeeded, even if they'd started with the right sample (which they didn't).

    Theoretically, a more intelligent, or faster, or stronger set of humans COULD be created. But we'd have to breed them on a planned schedule, like dogs, for generations. There's a word for this abandoned field of science--"eugenics". For it to work, you'd have to start with truly more intelligent humans (who don't necessarily look like Brad Pitt) and force them to breed...then do the same with their kids and their kids. After a thousand years, you probably would create a highly intelligent set of people.

    But thankfully this has never been done. As it was, Nordic, Indian, African, European, South American, and Asian people are all of equal intelligence because we spent most of our shared time on Earth trying to survive and adapt not according to a planned breeding schedule (like dogs), but to very similar environmental pressures: we all had fight or escape predators, hunt, develop language, make tools, develop social skills, learn to tell time, etc. In other words, our evolutionary trajectories were very similar. The only meaningful variable that affected us differently wasn't even on this planet--the Sun made dark people grew more melanin to avoid skin cancer and pale people further from the Equator got less melanin to absorb Vitamin D. But the factors *on* Earth were pretty much the same.

    To be fair, there were other species of humans. But they all went extinct. We made it. And the fact that we haven't rendered each other extinct despite occupying the same ecological niche for all this time (i.e. "the competative exclusion" principle) is a very good sign that we are indeed the same.

  • 1 month ago

    Its not just left, and anyone can make a test and call it an IQ test. More of the debate has to do with if the more legitimized test that are out there actually rate intelligence and what the actual meaning of the words "intelligence" and "race" really are as they are very subjective words with different meanings for each individual. Then there are issues of "creativity" to take into account which some see as an aspect of intelligence. Some people also see different areas of intelligence, not all tested for in the more common and accepted IQ test. My understanding of intelligence, as people seem to use the word, is "if you agree with someone you are intelligent in their eyes, if you disagree with them you are not" and basically when you are taking an IQ test you're just agreeing or disagreeing with whomever wrote the test as to what the answer should be. So intelligence seems more about who you agree with or disagree with than any concrete thing that can accurately be classed.

  • Zirp
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    1 month ago

    Because genetic reality says that there are no races of people. You have thousands of genes, spread over 47 independently passed-on bundles of DNA.

    Also, there's plenty of evidence indicating that IQ is heavily influenced by how much school you had.

  • In
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    1 month ago

    Your racist ideas have no factual basis. Mongrels are always far more intelligent than purebred dogs, therefore humans of all races should interbreed for the benefit of the species if you are so concerned about the future of our species.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because it doesn't. Races have no IQ. IQ is a test. IQ results differs among individuals. A collection of individuals cannot do an IQ test, nor can IT have an IQ result. You have a collectivist mindset.

  • 1 month ago

    The problem is that there is no scientific evidence that there are more than one race. There is 'socialisation' . Your children will BE BORN with a greater fortitude around the computer than you. There is no such thing as an IQ test determining the intellectual faculty. There is an IQ test determining how one person adapts more to his own status quo than the other who was not exposed to the same over a period.

    Most amazingly though, if we would go by natural or physical fortitude, we will always come up with the opposite of what is universally portrait. A person who naturally sees the whole spectrum, has a stronger sense of taste, smell etc and more grey matter would likely have the edge. Yet, he is not chosen as the most intelligent. Strange...

    For me though, I leave it to the individual person. Although it is amazing that others have gone through impossible conditions and still emerge with competing intelligence. That could be evidence of supremacy. I won't mention it though.

  • Bobo
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    1 month ago

    You confuse intelligence with character. There are differences between races because of culture, not intelligence. The marked difference between the societal advancement and historical development of Sub-Saharan Africa and Western Europe is not explained as a result of intelligence. It is explained as a result of culture. African culture is geared toward emotion and base instincts. European culture is geared toward individual character traits that produce a productive society (honesty, responsibility, integrity, self-control, etc.). The resulting differences between these cultures is evident in the US with those of African descent having an achievement gap, high single parent birth rate, and high unemployment rate. These are not intelligence related--they are culture character related.

    • Bobo
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      Western European nations colonized almost all of Africa. There is no such thing a "Southern Europe". Europe is normally referred to with an East and West distinction. The dichotomy exists mostly as a contrast between the colonizing powers and the African nations that existed at the time.

  • 2 months ago

    -That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.-

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    What did whichever group has the highest genetic IQ experience _evolutionarily_ that made them have a higher IQ than...presumably Africans? Humans genetically engineered dogs for work. I bet you can't even hypothetically come up with an environmental scenario where it would happen in one group and not other, let alone provide evidence it _actually happened_. I reject it because it's bad science. We know IQ is environmental, we know all kinds of other factors related to success are environmental (nutrition, poverty), and we also know there are geniuses from every "racial" type. So go on-- explain how this happened historically and provide evidence it actually happened.

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