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I keep failing tests?

I really really need help. I am taking Honors world History and I'm online. I have a test every week and it leaves me no time to study. I can't pass these tests. My teacher doesn't give us study guides, and doesn't help us at all. I try so hard but there is to much information to process. Every lesson there is around 10-15 pages of reading with 7 paragraphs each and I don't know what to study and how to study. I hate this course so much! My parents don't get why I'm not doing well. I don't what to do I just hate school and I hate the life I'm living.

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    Stop saying 'I keep failing tests.'

    The power of life and death is in your tongue, and you will reap what you sow... start saying "I get great results on tests" and follow this advice:

    To turn studying into a game, follow this advice.

    Studying will become fun for you - with no stress.

    From the dollar store, get file cards... the kind made for a rolodex. They must be this kind, because you will need to shuffle them.

    - When you're in class, pay attention and keep your textbook open to where the teacher is speaking. Put a check beside the paragraph that s/he is referring to.

    - At home, read the paragraph beside the checkmark again and create a question from it. Put it in terms YOU can clearly understand.

    - On the front of one of the rolodex cards write the question.

    Put the answer on the back.

    - Repeat until you have 20 or 30 cards for a chapter from your text book.

    - PUT THE BOOK AWAY and test yourself.

    - Ask yourself the questions. Make two piles - the “i know it” pile and the “I don’t know it” pile. You must know the answer immediately for it to go into the 'I know it' pile.

    Shuffle. Repeat.

    Keep doing this until all the cards are in the "I know it" pile.


    Or word will get out and you won’t look like a genius.

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    Home schooling is child abuse, in my opinion. Get your parents to send you to a real school where you'll have teachers and other students to help you. There's a lot to be learned in school that has little to do with academics- negotiating, compromising, persuading. Kids who are home schooled are at a real disadvantage in the work place because they haven't learned to negotiate the politics.

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    Drop honors. It's supposed to be hard. If you can't keep up, take regular history. It won't have the intended effect of looking good to colleges if you don't do good in it, so why put yourself through it? Just join clubs or do extracurriculars to boost you in those ways.

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    Try to talk with your parents about the difficulty of this course. Then, for yourself, just regard it as one of the unpleasant things you have to do in life. Just do your best and try not to let it ruin your whole life.

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    School is intended to teach you how to learn on your own. You study the reading. It's not a complete mystery.

    Tests aren't meant to be passed. Tests TEST your understanding of the material. The only preparation you can muster is reading and retaining what you read.

    When it is something you care about, you'll understand. In the meantime, read, read, read.

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      No, it's not. School is also about working with others to generate knowledge.

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    get a study buddy or a tutor

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