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Rescued puppy doesn't recognize me?

So I rescued this puppy two days ago, I have no idea about how old is she, but she is still very tiny and learning. Her teeth are already out and she loves to bite stuff.

We've been getting close to each other, I hold her between my arms as she falls asleep, but this morning before leaving for work I put some perfume on my shirt, so when I come back she completely ignores me, and instead goes sniffing around the house always ending up on my backpack and shoes, and she bites em. At this point is bed time so I am thinking that the reason why she kept crying and looking for my stuff was because she does not recognize me with that new scent on my shirt? Is this true or am I wrong? What should I do?

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    She's still adjusting. Give her time. Don't give up.

    Maybe you're right, it's the perfume but then again, what she's actually looking for is the scent of her former home that's stuck to your bag and shoes. The shirt that you wore that day would help but if you like that shirt, it would be a bad idea to give it to the pup. She'll shred it to pieces.

    When I part with my puppies, I give the new owner a rug that the pups slept on. All of them gets one together with a box for transporting. When they reach their new home, their first bed, for the first few weeks or so, would be that box and the rug in it. It helps during the transition.

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    It is a tiny puppy like you said. She doesn't know you any better than you know her. I think you are just letting your imagination take over & are seeing things in the wrong perspective.

    All puppy's bite & it is up to every owner to teach their puppy not to bite. That & potty training are the first two things you train a puppy to do.

  • Anonymous
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    I would cut back on all the perfumes etc you use, you may be used to it but if she isn't recognizing you at all you need to tone it down. You might be somewhat immune to how strong it is but even people around you may smell you before they see you, not trying to offend you but making you be aware. Scents Ike morocco oils, tea tree oil and sandewoods acan be overpowering to dogs and peope. Some of my dogs hate the sme of one of the men's body sprays to keep them skein going fresh they actual sme more Ike a pine fottest or car freshener rather than a ugh cone sme. The dogs shy away from. The guys that paint themseves with it, but uts a real popular scent currently.

    You should not let the pup run the house free unsupervised since you didn't have time to prep for a pup, everything goes in their mouths. They can easily choke or ick and chew wires etc. hopefully ahea in a penned safe area.

    You also need to get her into a vet for a wellness check, a vet can answer any questions you have about food, age etc

    Good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yeah you are wrong and sound completely mental. That poor dog is going to be smothered isnt it? Just leave the flipping thing alone, it picks up more than just scent, give it a little more credit.

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