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What does it mean to have a dream that your mom is trying to kill you?

I ve been having pretty much the same nightmare lately of my mom trying to kill me with a knife. It s always pretty much the same accept sometimes it s in a different location. My sister who is in the room across from mine says that sometimes she ll think she heres me crying but will walk in and I m knocked out asleep. and on 2 occasions I have actually woken up from the dream crying. It s the scared ive ever been because of a silly nightmare. I wake up everytime trying to get my breathing under control. Also its not only me she tried killing, it s my entire family. my siblings and dad. I always manage to save almost all of them by sacrificing myself but right when she goes to kill me I wake up. everytime its like this. I feel like this dream is making me paranoid. it s hard to fall asleep at night and sometimes i even sleep with the light on (I m almost 16 so) oh and even in the shower I dont like closing my eyes. My mom used to be pretty abusive toward me and my siblings but shes gotten help and is very loving now. I thought I was starting to be okay again. Do I need counseling? advice?

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    Counseling is always an option if you continue to reach such a frightening dream state. You are not seeing your mother as she is now, but rather the way you have seen her during your whole life, so it is normal to see her enraged and as a killer. It might help if you found some way to interact with her in real life, like going out to lunch together, or shopping together, doing some girly things together. You might draw her closer and less violent in your subconscious mind, and then maybe the dreams will be less violent until they gradually go away. But counseling or gaining advice is always an option if the fearfulness remains.

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    Post traumatic stress syndrome not so much as disorder if it comes to you in dream form the difference is when it's syndrome it's usually ah subconscious memory that overthrows your vivid dream process while disorder sticks with you while your conscious and unconscious both contains symptoms of paranoia but usually a dream means either trauma or it's a warning that someone is going to hurt you or sometimes you have the dream and its opposite in reality you end up doing as the dream you had

    Source(s): My mom had a dream my sister was pregnant and her friend end up getting pregnant in real life A guy I know had a dream that his girlfriend son who stabbed him got released for the psych ward and stabbed him again and it happened the very next day except the stabbing part dreams can be a warning so be careful
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