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Whats wrong with this site?

what's wrong with it it has so many problems

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  • .
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    11 months ago

    It's had problems for YEARS and they increased shortly before Yahoo was sold to Verizon (and Yahoo stopped performing maintenance or fixing any problems). It's not a big moneymaker so Verizon doesn't choose to spend much money on improving it, and of course with the new format that's being rolled out for the mobile users, there are bound to be 'bugs' (they have to have people use the format to figure out what needs tweaking).

  • Daniel
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    11 months ago

    Yahoo has made a new Format and Unfortunately like Every Time they Mess around with It there has been Glitch's and Bugs Its Best that they Leave it Alone but they keep Messing around with It

    Im sure Yahoo will Fix It and get it Straighten out until then we have to Sit Back and Be Patient

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