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Electric bicycle build battery problems?

I have two electric bicycle kits off ebay they are both 48v 1000w motors one is a front wheel motor and the other is a rear wheel. I have built a front wheel drive bicycle so far as I'm confused about battery safety to make it 2 wheel drive.

The battery is a 10ah 48v "1000w" battery, I have wired the battery up to one motor. Can I wire up the second or do I need a different battery?

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    should be fine .. the actual draw on it will probably be roughly the same as with one motor .. you might have an issue if your using only one esc to control both motors though ..

    • Dze
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      .. 'cruising' should be about the same draw as one motor, accelerating would be where they would draw more so try not to tax them too hard until you see how things are going ..

  • 2 months ago

    I’ve Followed ev bikes for years, seen many models come and go, but while some have been super expensive (French 750w that cost ~7500) I’m not aware of anyone who has ever tried putting two motors on a bicycle.

    For pretty obvious reasons if one motor is trying to spin one wheel at say 45km and the other is trying to spin at 50km you have a very unstable bicycle.

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