Why did the 1986 Benetton-BMW, ​​even with insane 1400 hp, reach "only" 352 kph on the Monza straight, and a modern F1 can reach over 380?

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  • 4 months ago
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    HP is not the only factor in determining speed. As technology in F1 has advanced, so has the ability to transfer more of that engine hp to the rear wheels, reduce aerodynamic drag, and increase traction in the corners so the cars is already carrying more speed coming out of turn onto the Monza straight and can accelerate faster resulting in the faster trap speeds even with a car with less hp.

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  • Dd
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    3 months ago

    it's to do with gearing Ze, have great luck with everything please,

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  • 3 months ago


    It must have been very draggy and not good through the air

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  • DIEGO.
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    4 months ago

    good question!!

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