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does race give someone an advantage in boxing?

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    No.  There is no real tangible advantage in boxing based on race.  Any boxer can learn to be his best, based on his physical make-up.  He could learn his trade from others of any number of races.  However, race might play a factor in terms of the likelihood that one might turn to boxing.  Any advantages a boxer might have, based on race, would be intangible.  I'll give a few examples in regards to boxers from four groups that are often found in the sport. 

    Blacks might have some advantages because it is more likely that they would turn to boxing and have few other options in terms of life's advances.  Black boxers often come from humble beginnings and find boxing as a "do or die" situation.  This might give them a spiritual advantage. A White or Asian boxer may likely fight for the same reasons.  However, it is less likely that they would turn to boxing for economic gain. 

    Latino boxers likely enter the sport for many of the same reasons that Black boxers do.  However, there is another factor that might favor a Latino boxer.  Latinos tend to be deeply cultured people.  They enter the ring with the pride of their entire families or even their cultural or ethnic group.  Attend a boxing event with a Mexican fighter and you're likely to see thousands in attendance to cheer him on.  That's plenty of incentive to put it all on the line.   Blacks are usually a bit more solitary.  They don't have the cultural support that Latinos tend to have. 

    White fighters: One advantage that White fighters might have, over Blacks or Latinos, is focus.  A Latino fighter might enter the ring with the will and desire to win for his people.  If things don't go according to plan, he could lose focus because he has so much riding on a possible win and may view a loss as a loss for his people.  Depending on the fighter's personal circumstances, a loss might be viewed as a disgrace. 

    Black fighters, again, don't often have the support systems that others do.  They often grow with without a sense of acceptance.  They may have love and support from family but little else outside family.  Some black boxers use this to focus even more because they realize so many are rooting against them.....  Others have shown a lack of focus because they are to focused on impressing the doubters.  

    White fighters don't often have this problem because they have so much support from a dominant white society. That support usually remains regardless of win or loss.

    Asian fighters tend to fight with a pride that is similar to what I mentioned above with Latinos.  There is family and culture and they often view failure as a more than just losing a contest.  A great deal is on the line.  

    Naturally, this is not the case with every fighter.  There are exceptions to the rule.  

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    No. Boxing and other combat sports are the underdogs sport. Anyone will turn the tables in one blink.

  • Joe
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    3 weeks ago

    Unfortunately race can be an accurate indicator of economic standings.  Guys who want to fight their way out of the mean streets of poverty often have an advantage in the ring.

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    No, there are great black fighter, great Hispanic fighters, great Asian fighter, great white fighters, race has nothing to do with it.

  • Noah
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    2 months ago

    I think foot racing would be better than nascar!

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Possibly if you are black

    Source(s): I'm half black
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    2 months ago

    No it doesnt. There are elite level fighters from all over the world. Only idiots think blacks "dominate" boxing.

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    2 months ago


    Just starting out early and having the knack for it. Probably lots of people with strong potential choose some other sport.

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    no! are you racist??????????????

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