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How can I safely run two 48v 1000w hub motors on one battery.?

I have got 2 48v 1000w Electric bike kits one front wheel and one back wheel, I have a 48v 1000w 10ah battery.

I know I can wire one kit to the battery safely and it will run but I m not sure it will be safe or enough power to run both motors of the one battery. I don t want to have to use two separate batteries incase anyone suggests.

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    Not sure why you would need 2 1000 watt motors, in many places 1 1000 watt is illegal, as such a motor can hit 50km an hour, 2 would be illegal in most places. It would depend on the current drain the battery can handle (lithium’s certainly have a history of catching fire or even exploding if they are over taxed). But even if it could handle the load if you double the load you halve the distance you can travel. I’m in Australia the legal limit here is 250 Watts, although I think that may have recently been increased to 300. As far as I understand in much of the U.S. it’s illegal to ride a 1000w bike on the road, a few states allow 1000w but most limit it to 750w.

    For good reason a bicycle is not designed to take the stress of constantly travelling at such speed, a common fail point is the spokes not being strong enough this happens even on lower powers like 500w using stronger than normal spokes, try running 2 1000w and it’s four times more likely to happen and falling off a bicycle travelling at perhaps 80-90km an hour is not something I’d want to try.

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    My e-bike and used the rear derailer. 48 volt system and controller 1-motor Lithium Ion 100 amps. Outrun anything.I'm and an engineer

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    how would you even ride them??? they woulld have to be lashed together, which is equally unsafe.

    you should NEVER run powered wires between 2 vehicles...that's just all kinda crazy...

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