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When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, did Japan want to take over Hawaii as well as the rest of the Pacific?

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    The desire was to put the Japanese out of striking distance from the US Fleet. While the US Navy can and does replenish at sea (including refueling) the distance from San Diego to engage the Japanese attacking say Australia is a logistics nightmare. If Pearl Harbor could have been denied to the USN then the Japanese would have had free reign in the Pacific theater of operations which they planned on occupying.

    The goals were to take out the battle ships, carriers, sub pens, supporting shipyards and air bases. The original plan was for three waves of planes striking Pearl. Only one was flown because the US aircraft carriers were not in port. This left most of the port structures in tact (dry docks and several cranes), the sub fleet was almost untouched and several supporting craft also were un-damaged (tenders, floating repair ships).

    While a lot of published records note the value of the carrier force that remained untouched, often over looked are submarine fleet which did a lot to stop the Japanese fleet. Even with faulty torpedo's they did a lot of damage as well as shadowed the Japanese fleet.

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    You have selected a best answer, but I will answer anyways.

    Imperial Japan wanted to rule the world just as Nazi Germany did. They failed.  They had plans on what to do with the U.S. should they destroy it. Soviet Russia had similar plans.

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    No. They wanted to cripple the American fleet. So they could make a very fast advance in the Pacific. Then fortify & hold them so the U.S. could not get in bombing range of Japan. That they did. What surprised them was how fast the U.S. responded. They lost at mid way & Guada canal that would have shut of the southern shipping rout to Australia. The U.S. was caught by surprise at how fast Japan advanced after Pear Harbor. 1/2 the Philippine military was on leave as they did not think Japan could advance that fast. & out of position to defend well. Japan knew that once they were in range of U.S. bombers. There Country would be reduced to rubble. So the attack was to give Japan free time to advance in the Pacific. To secure Japan from U.S. attack.

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    What they might have wanted is not relevant, as they had no sealift capability to transport troops to Hawaii, and support them in a landing and occupation. Especially as the sealift they had was being used to take over territories in SouthEast Asia.

    The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was intended to cripple the US Pacific Fleet's battleships and carriers. The US was fortunate in that one out of nine battleships and all three carriers were elsewhere and were not attacked.

    As a result, the US had no choice but to adopt carrier centric tactics in the Pacific, as there were too few remaining battleships to be able to challenge the Japanese fleet in a conventional gun battle.

    Also, Old Man Dirt's answer got almost everything wrong. The Japanese had no plan or expectation to damage the base facilities at Pearl. Their targets were the big ships, period, and destroying aircraft was a part of gaining local air superiority in order to strike at the ships there without serious opposition. And, there were only four US subs at Pearl on that day. Had all four been sunk then and there, no difference. The US sub force was almost utterly useless until mid 43, due to faulty torpedoes, and by the time that was dealt with, there were dozens of new build subs available.

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      Oh, and this question should be in the History section, as it's nothing to do with Travel.

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    They first wanted to cripple the US Fleet.

    Then they planned to conquer Guam (They did)

    Midway (They didn't...this is where the war shifted to our side)

    Hawaii and then San Francisco.

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    Yes of course they did, after brutalising the civilian population as they did every where else.

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    As war was inevitable, Japan's only chance was the element of surprise and to destroy America's navy as quickly as possible. Japan wanted to move into the Dutch East Indies and Malaya to conquer territories that could provide important natural resources such as oil and rubber.

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    No. Japan's ultimate desire was to destroy our aircraft carries and oil/fuel dumps on the Island. Then run wild in the pacific and hope the USA would want out of the quagmire and settle for a peace agreement.

    Maybe something like the return of Philippines, but Japan keeps its conquests in Korea and China.

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