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Why are Israeli men better than American men?

American men are typically obese, uneducated and zero combat training.

Average Israel man is combat trained, in very good shape and educated.

Why are Israeli men superior than American men in almost every way possible?

Their women are the same way, too.

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  • 1 month ago

    since they are surrounded by enemies they have to be.

  • 2 months ago

    Just don't let them out of your sight. Keep a record of all of their movements.

    • Local Machine
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      Keep a log of all of their activities. There'll be a moment in time when some folks might need that. ;-)

  • Nāga
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    2 months ago

    Israelis need to be combat ready, and reserve service is mandatory until the age of 40 (with some exceptions).

  • TNO
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    2 months ago

    When it comes to combat training and in being in good shape, that has to do with the different situations Israelis find themselves in compared to most developed nations. Israel is a safe place to be, but don't forget that it's an oasis in a war zone. The conditions in Israel could devolve at any time, and Israel makes damn sure to protect themselves. That includes conscripting a large part of their populace, and as such many young Israelis keep in shape to prepare for entry into the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). In that, all conscripts receive some level of combat training, including those who work desk jobs during their tenure in the IDF. Naturally, since this is the reality for most Israeli men and women, they tend to be healthier, less obese, and have combat training. For Americans, men have "selective service", where we have to register but honestly we don't expect ourselves to have to do anything and thus can be lazier and receive less combat training as a result.

    There are other factors, such as the fact that the Israelis stick to a much more Mediterranean diet, which also contribute to Israel's lesser average BMI. Another thing to consider is the fact that Israelis generally are happier on average, which could have a positive impact on their weight. I also find that Israelis are much more outdoorsy as well, where they gravitate towards activities like hiking much more than your average American. Israelis also love to travel, and gravitate more so to less urban locales like India, Thailand and South America that require them to be a bit more active. This is not to say that Israel has an obesity problem, since it's growing there too: However, there are cultural and societal factors that do make Israel thinner on average.

    As for better educated: Israel has a history of attracting Jews fleeing persecution. Jewish culture throughout history put a heavy emphasis on education wherever they went, and they believed it'll help guarantee them a better life. That didn't always turn out to be the case, as in many places Jews still had to (and to this day) flee the places they once called home. Since Israel's founding, we've seen the Jews of the Muslim world - often rich merchants - flee to find sanctuary in Israel among other places. We've also seen Jews leave the Soviet Union (both while it was around and during its fall), having trouble despite being highly educated scientists and other professionals because the anti-Semitic bigotry was too much. Even today, we're seeing huge masses of Jews leave places because it's still not safe to be a Jew, for example the Ukraine and worryingly enough even France, where they received first-class French educations. 

    America is still pretty smart as a nation, but our influx has a higher proportion of less-educated and less-skilled immigrants. Israel, as the Jewish nation, is a bit more selective and that has filtered in quite a lot of highly educated people. There are still Jews who don't have those opportunities - the Yemenite Jews were very tribal and the Ethiopian Jews were isolated from the modern world until Israel reached out - but generally speaking, Jews have a history putting themselves in the educated classes. 

    In any case, I wouldn't assume that anyone is obese/uneducated/not trained in combat because they're Israeli, American or whatever. Treat people kindly and fairly regardless of their nationality, and give them the proper respect.

    • Robert
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      Great answer TNO, though I feel that the point made in your final paragraph ("In any case, I wouldn't assume ....") ought to have made right at the start of your answer.

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  • 2 months ago

    Because you believe it to be, it is so.

  • 2 months ago

    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.

    Where did you get this assumption ? Israeli men are cowards, they cry when they go to war, or when they return back from a Lebanese mission ! ask me for videos.

    Genes wise, Israeli men are more Europeans than Mid-eastern, they look like westerners, some of them are from north Africa and Iran, quietly none are from Palestine or very few of them.

    Better than American why ?? Israelis are cowards, thieves, smelly (at least the army soldiers), not Americans.

    You said :"Average Israel man is combat trained, in very good shape and educated." you are comparing the low end American to the high end Israelis, when you compare apple to apple you have different results, applies to women too.

    Just look at Yoel's pic, you will change your mind.

  • 2 months ago

    Israel has a higher level of mathematics taught in Israel than in US.

    @Sophie there are so many attractive Iranian women y oiu just to open your eyes.

    Keep your eyes open Sophie. Something BIG is about to go down with Iran. I can sense it.

    We know skyline was the best greek/russian boyfriend for you sophie. He isn't gay accoding to my knowledge however. Shame you really are not a JEWISH greek WOMAN.

    • Sofia2 months agoReport

      I have beautiful honey eyes and I saw thousands of Iranian immigrants their women are ugly as he'll and dirty it has shocked the local Greeks how ugly Iranian women are and how dirty, only Iranian men are considered handsome and sexy but dangerous

  • 2 months ago

    I don't like Israeli women but I don't like American women either

    I think Israeli men are handsomest men followed by Arabs and Iranians

    Most beautiful women are from Balkan Peninsula and Eastern Europe and China,Japan, Singapore and Latin America


    I have beautiful honey eyes and I saw thousands of Iranian immigrants their women are ugly as he'll and dirty it has shocked the local Greeks how ugly Iranian women are and how dirty, only Iranian men are considered handsome and sexy but dangerous

    I think Iranian women have ugly personalities aswell

  • Bob
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    2 months ago

    Most American men, like most Israeli men, have been circumcised. This means that most American men and most Israeli men are not proper real men but instead are sort of half men who aren't quite complete.

    Because of this, it's simply not worth comparing the two and trying to decide which is 'better'. When two things are bad, which one of them is less bad isn't really worth considering.

    • Most are tiny small. They smell foul as well.
      Their religion forbids them from using deodorant or taking daily showers like the rest of us.

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