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Is "Republic of Korea" or "Korea" written on US Passports?

Old US passport wrote “Republic of Korea” but the renewed US passport received wrote “Korea.”

Did the passport people make a mistake? Can the Place of Birth be changed to "Republic of Korea" (South Korea) instead of just “Korea"?

Is there a new law now that does not differentiate North vs South on US passports?

Thank you for your time and help.

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  • Andrew
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    2 months ago

    Newer US passports simply use "Korea" for the birth-place of US nationals or permanent residents who were born in the ROK. Why did they make the change from using "Republic of Korea"? I couldn't tell you, but probably because "Republic of Korea" and "Korea" are basically synonymous to people in the English-speaking world. When referring to North Korea most people would just say "North Korea" and a few might use something like "the DPRK." I highly doubt that there are many people who hold a US passport who were born in North Korea, but it's likely that the US government would use "the DPRK" to distinguish the country from Korea. 

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