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I made a no bake cheesecake where I added cream cheese, condensed milk, lemon and vanilla extract for the filling. Why did it not stay hard?

I waited for it to ready (3 to 4 hours) but when I take a slice of the cheesecake, the filling is still soft and wet. Did I not mix them properly hence that happened? I noticed that the cream cheese still has some solid bits despite that I have mixed the filling on the blender for 5 to 10 minutes.

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    Cream cheese is very difficult to fully blend in to other ingredients if it is not very soft before you begin. And once you start to add other ingredients you will never get the lumps of cream cheese out. (Short of pressing it through a fine mesh sieve)

    Most no bake cheesecakes use gelatin to make them firm up. Some use whipped cream to help keep the mixture firmer.

    You could freeze the cheesecake you have, it will firm up enough to slice and serve but it will become soft again as it thaws.

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    I have a great No-Fail cheesecake recipe I've been making since i was about 15. Its a spicy and tangy lemon ginger flavour, but you can use any flavour cookie base and the mixture can be with any flavour Jello you prefer.

    Base: Crumbled Ginger snaps, butter and lime zest, pour into dish and put in the freezer to harden.

    Filling: Use a hand mixer to cream 2 packs of Philly cream cheese, 1 small pot of natural yogurt, half a cup of caster sugar and zest of one large lemon. In a small pot, squeeze the juice of the large lemon and add half a packet of lemon Jello/Jelly, let it melt for a few minutes then take off the heat and stir to cool a little,then pour into the creamed cheese/yogurt mix and whisk again to incorporate.

    Pour mixture onto the ginger snap base, then put in fridge to set for a few hours.

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    Personally,I think that you used the wrong kitchen appliance to mix the ingredients.using a blender is overkill imo.I think that it liquified the ingredients so much that its' broken down the ingredients into almost a watery state,which would probably never "set" properly.Next time use a hand mixer,but don't over-do that either.You're mixing,not liquifying,which is what 5-6 mins in a blender will do.

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    You need a thickener to hold it, as a no bake cheesecake. Using bloomed gelatin or agar agar and letting it chill will keep it holding it's shape

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It's possible that you may have over mixed it by using a blender. Sometimes you have to add things in a specific order as well, or heat certain ingredients before adding them in. Double check your recipe again and the ratios to make sure you used the correct amounts; mistakes happen too. I would recommend using a mixer next time and not a blender.

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    When you say 'added', do you mean you added those things to the original recipe? If so, that's the problem.

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    A hand mixer does a better job of smoothing it out. You needed to beat the lemon and condensed milk together with the cream cheese as well. Get as much air into it as possible. Let it set in the fridge more.

  • 2 months ago

    Did you follow the recipe exactly, or did you just wing it?

    • Hans2 months agoReport

      I followed it. But lately, I realized I think the condensed milk was too much despite how many was said in the recipe.

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