Is buying google drive space from eBay Safe?

I have bought an unlimited Google drive space from eBay. The seller gave me a .edu ID (which belongs to a university). Is it safe to store my files there? Can the seller block access to the drive or can access the files? Will this ID will be closed anytime?

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  • 4 months ago
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    you have been scammed.

    1. the uni will eventually kill the email address, so you can recover the password

    2. the person you bought it from can still access the email so he can request the password on the google account changed and he will still gain access

    3. the "extra space" is only temporary, lasting 1 year unless you verify you have the email again (which you dont)

    4. this is considered fraud by google's T&S meaning you also risk your account being shut down permanently 

    NEVER buy cloud storage space from anyone EXCEPT the original site (or officially branded partners)

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