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I disagree Americans buy military equipment from Israel.. They are losing in military race & so are harming Israel?

Americans always harm Israel's military industry for corruption existing there.

Americans like to show Israel copied F16, which is more funny.

I know closely Americans interrupt in internal affairs of Israel in military, too. Israelis Always said they didn't copy F16. They said they were forced to leave it because of US pressure, Not because what China made as J10 was a copy of F16.

Israelis say USA learned from Arrow 2 in Thaad & other American air defense systems, too. Americans don't comment on it & repeat about F16.

F35' wings which make it steelth is by Israel's IAI. F35's communication systems computers are by Elbit systems - an Israeli co. I think you should know Israel is that advanced. I think USA must not use Israeli equipments in F35, too, unless sell them to Israel only..

Israel/USA panel must block sales of iron dome to US army, too...

After success of Arrow 2 in tests, US claims its companies were involved in production of it. It is a lie. The same lie was repeated for iron dome. Whatever in Israel will have a such scandal in USA if gets a success USA herself didn't have it...



how do you think?

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    You sounds to me as lousy Muslim agent coming not well prepared for deceit.

    Israel never tried producing F16. It was different plane.

    And USA did invest in Israeli development of Iron Dome.

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    9 months ago

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  • 9 months ago

    They can only harm 'Is Real' and the Acolytes

    Not Israel and the Eye call lights

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