Why do some people cruise so much? I went on a Carnival cruise recently and there were people with platinum and diamond vip cards from?

cruising so much! And there were people taking back to back cruises! It was nice to take a cruise but I wouldn’t want it to be my day to day life. What type of person cruises that much? I am genuinely curious.

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  • 2 months ago
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    I don't know anyone who cruises "day to day", but I know people who cruise a lot. I've been on 17 myself. I've been on Carnival once, and wouldn't do it again.  It was ok, but compared to other lines, it's the Applebees of cruising. 

    I do all of our vacation planning.  When we do a land vacation, I have to book flight, book hotels, drive, find restaurants, find attractions or whatever we're going to do, make alternative plans is the weather sucks, etc, etc.  It can be a lot of work. When we cruise, I have to book flights, a pre-cruise hotel, and decide what we're going to do in the individual ports.  All of this can be done ahead of time, so when we leave home, everything is pretty much done.  I don't have to make decisions, I can just relax.  And when my kids were young, I didn't have to find things to do if it rained.  There is plenty for kids to do no matter what the weather on cruise ship. 

    One of the most difficult aspects of land vacations is budgeting for food. I ALWAYS underestimate.  On a cruise, all the food is included. We may pay for specialty dining, but again, I do that ahead of time.  

    We generally take 2, two weeks vacations a year.  It could be two cruises, two land vacations, or one of each.  We did back-to-back cruises this past Jan, and are going on a land vacation starting this weekend.  Maybe if you tried another cruise line you might like it better. If you like lots of activities and constant entertainment, try RCL.  If you don't need all that, and just want to chill, try Celebrity. 

  • 2 days ago

    People that cruise alot have simply worked hard enough to do so.

    We've traveled so many different ways plane, train, car and cruising is easy.

    You unpack once, room is cleaned for you, laundry done, lots of food no dishes to clean. Endless drinks, parties, entertainment 

    A great way to see the world cheaply for the most part. Plus booking 2 trips on same ship gives you lots of perks...drink package, no incentive charges daily.

    We've been on several cruises and love them.

    Soon our round the world cruise for 4 months on one ship.

    Seniors love to cruise.

    Carnival is a cheap party ship trip with a young crowd there are many other better cruise lines...different ages, activities and events geared to age.

  • Den B7
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    2 months ago

    People who like cruising more than you do.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Why do you care what other people enjoy doing?

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  • John F
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    2 months ago

    Because we live in a world where individuals are free to make their own decisions.

  • 2 months ago

    Some people just like cruising. On my last cruise someone has posted a sign on their cabin door that they had 1000 days of cruising with Carnival. I'm only at 68 until week after next.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I guess because it's relatively cheap? I mean it's like a hotel, nice restaurants, and travel all in one. You get to stop in the Bahamas or Mexico or wherever your cruise is going. Plus they usually have a casino area, shows, and nice views. And on Carnival, it can be less than $100 a day during the peak seasons. A decent hotel and as many meals as you want for $100 a day is unheard of anywhere else. It's also easier to meet people on a cruise imo.

  • 2 months ago

    I have friends who cruise a lot. They enjoy it because they get waited on, they visit several places without having to schlep luggage and deal with airplane flights, and they meet a lot of other people. There are actually people now who live on cruise ships- and on a cost-per-day basis, it can be cheaper than maintaining a big home and car.

  • 2 months ago

    I am Elite on Princess. It is the best vacation you can take. Going again on 12/3.

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